epadmin password target — Changes user passwords in the local authentication realm.


epadmin [globalparameters] change password [commandparameters]


Changes user passwords in a local authentication realm. See Default Security Configuration and Local Authentication Realm in the StreamBase Administration Guide for context information.

The designation [sn|ad] in syntax examples is a reminder that this command requires either the global parameter ‑‑servicename or the ‑‑adminport and ‑‑hostname combination to identify the node or cluster of interest.

epadmin [sn|ad] change password --username=fred --password=S3cr3t1ve
epadmin [sn|ad] change password --username=fred --password=S3cr3t1ve 
Command Parameter Description Required
password The new password to apply. If not specified, epadmin prompts for a password. Yes.
realm Local authentication realm in which user is defined. No. The default is default-realm.
username User name in the specified realm. Yes.