StreamBase Administration Guide

This guide describes configuring, managing, and deploying StreamBase® and Spotfire LiveView fragments.


StreamBase Logging
Using StreamBase Logging
Windows Event Log Appender
Managing Logging at Runtime
Supported Cloud Environments
EventFlow: Creating Docker Images
EventFlow: Run and Manage with Docker Commands
EventFlow: Communication with Containerized Apps
LiveView: Creating Docker Images
LiveView: Run and Manage with Docker Commands
LiveView: Browser View of Containerized Apps
Configuring Dockerfiles and Networks
Docker Samples on GitHub
Studio Support for Kubernetes and Helm
Kubernetes EventFlow
Using Cluster Awareness
Monitoring and Profiling
Cluster Monitor Application
StreamBase Manager
JMX Monitoring
Using StreamBase Containers
StreamBase Container Overview
System Container and Control Streams
Container Connections
Connecting Container Streams To a CSV File
Tuning StreamBase Applications
StreamBase Execution Order and Concurrency
Concurrency Options
Dispatch Styles
EventFlow Tuning Tips
Java VM Memory Settings
Capacity Planning
Platform Specific Details
StreamBase Security Model
StreamBase Security Overview
Cluster Security Model
Secure Communication Profiles
Realm Overview
Default Security Configuration
Trusted Hosts
User Authentication
Local Authentication Realm
Role to Privilege Authorization
Encrypting Sensitive Configuration Data
LDAP Authentication Realm
OIDC Authentication Realm
Kerberos Authentication Realm
Secure Transport with TLS
Referencing Realms
Security Management
StreamBase Runtime REST API
Healthcheck Web Service
Metrics Web Service
Adding a Web Service
Web Server and Web Services Administration
Web Server and Web Services Configuration
Admin Web Service
Web Service Restrictions
Support Wizard for Troubleshooting
Port and Firewall Requirements
Diagnosing Service Discovery Issues
Programs with Incompatibilities