Platform Specific Details

In general, user visible features and behavior is identical across all supported platforms. The few exceptions are summarized on this section.

Operating System Service Management

Operating systems have service management subsystems that support running a Spotfire Streaming application as a service, including automatic starting and stopping the service when the host operating system is booted and shutdown. These subsystems are specific to the operating system. Currently system service management is supported only on Linux and Windows.

Linux systemd Support

See Configuring Apps as a Linux Service in the Installation Guide.

Windows Service Support

See Configuring Apps as a Windows Service in the Installation Guide.

Windows Event Log Appender

Spotfire Streaming provides a Logback appender for Windows, which is configured using the standard Logback configuration mechanisms. This appender is described in Windows Event Log Appender.

Shared Memory Allocation on macOS

The starting virtual address of allocated shared memory on macOS is managed by a global file located in /var/tmp/osx.memory. This file is created as needed, and accessed whenever a node is installed. Modifying this file could result in corrupting data stored in shared memory.

Shared Memory on Windows

Only memory mapped file shared memory is supported on Windows. There is no support for System V shared memory.