Maven repository maintenance — Corrects Maven repository errors and allows for offline use.


epdev command target [-D property=value] [--for-studio] [--force] [-s settings] [--verbose] [-X]

epdev [[-h] | [--help]]

epdev [--version]


Use the epdev command to manage a local or site Maven repository to include Streaming artifacts. StreamBase Studio updates the current user's Maven repository automatically on every Studio start. Use epdev to perform the same update manually, or to install a full set of artifacts for offline use, or to deploy the Streaming artifacts to a site-specific Maven repository.

The epdev command copies StreamBase and LiveView artifacts from a zip file installed with StreamBase. This command presumes the mvn command is on the PATH and configured for use, which is true for all

Use epdev from a configured shell prompt as follows:


The epdev command accepts the following command target arguments.

deploy maven destination

Attempts to merge StreamBase and LiveView artifacts to the specified directory or remote Maven repository, where destination is the path to a directory, or the URI of a Maven repository for which you have upload rights.

install maven

Attempts to merge StreamBase and LiveView artifacts from their installed zip file to the local Maven repository. Use this command with --settings to specify an alternate local repository location. This is the same operation performed by StreamBase Studio automatically at every start.

offline maven

Attempts an install maven operation, but then goes on to try to obtain and install local copies of dependencies that would normally be retrieved from Maven Central or from other remote locations. This command attempts to configure your local machine to run and develop StreamBase and LiveView when traveling, or when Internet access is limited or unavailable.

clean maven

Removes all StreamBase and LiveView artifacts and Maven state from the local repository.


If a problem occurs when removing files, an error is reported. The most likely source of error is locked files under Windows. If this occurs, you may need to exit from all Java-based programs, including Studio; or may also need to log off and back on; or may need to reboot before running the command again.

clean-tibco maven

Removes all TIBCO product artifacts and Maven state from the local repository, including non-StreamBase TIBCO artifacts.

clean-all maven

Removes all artifacts and all Maven state from the local repository. If you are depending on site- or self-built artifacts, you must resolve them again, or reinstall them, or rebuild them.

display product

Shows the name and version numbers of the StreamBase and LiveView artifact zip file for the current StreamBase release, and for the zip file that contains StreamBase Linux artifacts that are configured into Docker containers.


The epdev command supports the following options:

-D property=value

Specifies a property value to be passed to the underlying Maven command.


For use with StreamBase Studio, install source files and Javadoc, where available, in addition to JAR file artifacts. This can take twenty minutes or more when run for the first time.


Update targets even when apparently ready.

--maven-home maven-home-directory

Use this in the rare case that a particular version of Maven is required to run an epdev command’s Maven-based actions. Specifies the top level of a directory that contains a Maven installation.

-s settings-file, --settings settings-file

Specify the full path to a Maven settings file to use instead of the default ~/.m2/settings.xml. This alternate settings.xml might specify an alternate location for the local repository.

--other-artifacts artifacts-list

For epdev install maven and epdev deploy maven, get Streaming artifacts from the comma-separated list of file paths and URLs, instead of the current product installation. This option is most useful for bringing hotfixes in the current environment. Supported URL schemes include http(s) and ftp.


Do not upload checksums that Streaming supplies with the artifacts. Some artifact servers like Nexus and AWS CodeArtifact might not accept uploaded checksums from epdev deploy maven.


Show details while the command is running.

-X, --debug

Produce debug output.

-h, --help

Shows usage for the command and exits.


Shows version information and exits.