ANOVA Operator Sample

About This Sample

This sample demonstrates the use of the Spotfire Streaming ANOVA operator. The ANOVA operator takes a list of data tuples as input (typically generated by the Matrix Operator) and produces the ANOVA results including the corresponding F statistic, p-value, as well as the mean, standard deviation, valid n for each group. The ANOVA or analysis of variance is a generalization of the two sample t-test which allows one to test for equality of means across k independent groups where k is greater than or equal 2.

Importing This Sample into StreamBase Studio

In StreamBase Studio, import this sample with the following steps:

  • From the top-level menu, click File>Import Samples and Community Content.

  • In the search field, type anova to narrow the list of options.

  • Select Analysis of variance or ANOVA operator from the Streaming Datascience Operators category.

  • Click Import Now.

StreamBase Studio creates a single project containing the sample files.

Running This Sample in StreamBase Studio

  1. In the Project Explorer view, expand sample_datascience_anova, find and open Anova.sbapp. Make sure the application is the currently active tab in the EventFlow Editor.

  2. Click the Run button. This opens the SB Test/Debug perspective and starts the application.

  3. In the Feed Simulations view, select Anova.sbfs and click Run to start feeding the data.

  4. The Anova operater starts reading from SEPALLEN and IRISTYPE columns of irisdat.csv, testing the differences between sepal length among the different Iris Flower types and sending tuples downstream.

  5. When done, press F9 or click the Stop Running Application button.

Expected Output Stream