CSV File Reader Input Adapter Sample

About This Sample

This sample demonstrates the use of the Spotfire Streaming CSV File Reader.

The provided StreamBase module reads store sales data from CSV input files and computes total sales for storeID-productID combinations. The CSV File Reader adapter instance named ReadFile1 reads from src/main/resources/file1.csv, which contains sales data for storeA, while ReadFile2 reads from src/main/resources/file2.csv containing sales data for storeX.

Both files contain records with missing productID values. ReadFile1 is configured to process such records, inserting null values for the unspecified productID fields. By contrast, ReadFile2 is configured to discard those records.

When you run the sample, look for output that shows the current total sales for each row read. Since ReadFile2 is configured to discard incomplete records, no output is emitted for storeX with null productID values.

Importing This Sample into StreamBase Studio

In StreamBase Studio, import this sample with the following steps:

  • From the top-level menu, select File>Import Samples and Community Content.

  • Enter csv reader to narrow the list of options.

  • Select CSV file input adapter from the StreamBase Standard Adapters category.

  • Click Import Now.

StreamBase Studio creates a project for the sample.

Running This Sample in StreamBase Studio

  1. In the Project Explorer view, open this sample's folder.

    Keep an eye on the bottom right status bar of the Studio window. Make sure any Updating, Downloading, Building, or Rebuild project messages finish before you proceed.

  2. Open the src/main/eventflow/packageName folder.

  3. Double-click to open the csvreader-sample.sbapp module. Make sure the module is the currently active tab in the EventFlow Editor.

  4. Click the Run button. This opens the SB Test/Debug perspective and starts the module.

  5. Wait for the Waiting for fragment to initialize message to clear.

  6. The two CSV reader adapters start reading from their input files and sending tuples downstream. Look for total sales computed values in the Output Streams view, and watch for line rejection warnings from ReadFile2 in the Console view.

  7. When done, press F9 or click the Terminate EventFlow Fragment button.

Sample Location

When you load the sample into StreamBase® Studio, Studio copies the sample project's files to your Studio workspace, which is normally part of your home directory, with full access rights.


Load this sample in StreamBase® Studio, and thereafter use the Studio workspace copy of the sample to run and test it, even when running from the command prompt.

Using the workspace copy of the sample avoids permission problems. The default workspace location for this sample is:


See Default Installation Directories for the default location of studio-workspace on your system.