Decision Table Analyzer View


See Decision Table Analyzer to learn how to use the Table Analyzer.

Use the Table Analyzer to examine .sbdt format decision table files to report logic problems with the specified rules, such as different sets of actions for identical conditions. The Table Analyzer validates decision tables by checking them at design time. You can also use the Table Analyzer's Show Coverage feature to simulate an incoming tuple to see how the current decision table handles the fields in that tuple.

The Table Analyzer view normally opens as a companion view every time you open the Decision Table Editor, and is thus not open by default in the SB Authoring perspective. To open the Table Analyzer view manually, from Studio's top-level menu, invoke Window>Show View>Other. In the resulting dialog, open the StreamBase Authoring folder and select Table Analyzer. Note that when the Decision Table Editor is not open, a manually opened Table Analyzer view is empty.