Feed Simulations View


Use the Feed Simulations view to send test data to a running StreamBase application. An application must be running before you can use the Feed Simulations view.

By default, the Feed Simulations view is located in the upper left corner of the SB Test/Debug perspective.

This view shows the available feed simulation configurations (.sbfs) in your Studio workspace. You can run and stop a selected feed simulation, and dynamically change its date rate.

You can define new feed simulations or edit existing ones in the Feed Simulations Editor view. Double-click an .sbfs file to open the editor view for that feed simulation. See Using the Feed Simulation Editor for more information.

Error and Warning Icons

A feed simulation line with a red error icon () indicates that the simulation was designed for another application that uses different stream names. Select a feed simulation row to see error text on why that simulation cannot run with the current application.

The yellow warning icon () indicates that the input stream name matches an input stream in the currently running application, but one or more fields in the schema are mismatched or have invalid data. Correct these problems before running the simulation.

Running and Stopping Feed Simulations

Select a feed simulation entry without error or warning icons, and click the Run button. Use the slider control to increase the rate at which data is sent to the running application. Click the Stop button to end the simulation run. The application continues to run.

See Running Feed Simulations for more on running and controlling feed simulations.

Feed Simulations View Helpers

To display a context-sensitive Help view that provides a brief description of the view and links to more information, click any area within the view and then press F1 on Windows, or Ctrl+F1 on Linux.