Problems View

The Problems view is provided as a standard part of Eclipse, and is not a StreamBase-specific view. Nevertheless, StreamBase® Studio takes advantage of the Problems view.

If the Problems view is not open by default, open it by selecting Window>Show View>Problems.

The Problems view shows both Error and Warning messages from StreamBase modules and from Java code in the current Studio workspace. Each entry identifies the module file or Java file that contains the error or warning, the path to that file in the current workspace, and the type of error or warning. For StreamBase module files, Location column shows the component or element that contains the problem. For Java files, the Location column shows the line number of the code line that contains the problem.

Double-click any entry in the Problems view to open the affected module or Java file. The StreamBase component that contains the error or warning condition is selected. For Java code, double-clicking opens the affected Java file with the problem area selected.