Error Log View

The Error Log view is provided as a standard part of Eclipse, and is not a StreamBase-specific view. Nevertheless, TIBCO StreamBase® Studio takes advantage of the Error Log view.

The Error Log view captures all the warnings and errors logged by Eclipse plug-ins, including the plug-ins that implement StreamBase Studio. The underlying log file is stored in the .metadata subdirectory of the Studio workspace. See Using StreamBase Logging to learn about the StreamBase logging mechanism and to learn how to use it in your own custom Java code.

Show the Error Log view by selecting Window>Show View>General>Other>Error Log.

To see a stack trace of an error, double-click an item in the list, which shows the Event Details dialog.

Event Sorting

You can sort events in the log view by Message, Plug-in ID, or Date in ascending or descending order. Click a column header to sort the list by that column. The down arrow in the column header indicates descending order; the up arrow indicates ascending order.

Event Filtering

You can filter the view to show events of a particular type or session, or limit the number of entries in the view. To filter the current view, click the down-pointing arrowhead on the right of the Error Log view's toolbar to show the view's drop-down menu (there is no context menu equivalent). Select Filters from the drop-down menu to show the Log Filters dialog.

Import and Export Logs

To import any saved log file into the Error Log view:

  • Click the Import Log toolbar button (or select Import Log from the context menu).

  • Select a log file from the file system.

To export the current log view content to a file:

  • Click the Export Log toolbar button (or select Export Log from the context menu).

  • Specify a file name.

Clear and Delete Logs

To clear the view log content without deleting the underlying log file, click the Clear Log toolbar button (or select Clear Log Viewer from the context menu).

To permanently delete the underlying log file, click the Delete Log toolbar button (or select Delete Log from the context menu).

Event Details

View the details of an individual event by double-clicking its entry in the Error Log (or selecting Event Details from the context menu for that entry). This opens an Event Details dialog as shown in the example below.

Navigate between error log entries with the Up and Down arrow buttons.

Copy the contents of the Event Details dialog to the clipboard by clicking the Clipboard button.