Studio Toolbar Reference

The following tips and tricks describe features that can make some tasks easier or quicker in StreamBase Studio.

StreamBase Buttons in the Eclipse Toolbar

StreamBase Studio contributes a group of buttons to the Eclipse toolbar. The placement of toolbar groups may change when you switch from one perspective to another.

EventFlow Editor Toolbar

The EventFlow Editor toolbar is shown here:

The EventFlow Editor toolbar only appears on the Studio toolbar when an EventFlow Editor or one of its views has the current focus. When another Editor has the focus, the StreamBase toolbar is absent. All of the toolbar's buttons are dimmed unless a tab of an EventFlow Editor view has the current focus.

From left to right, the buttons and fields are:

Zoom Drop-down List

Provides the following pre-set zoom settings for the current EventFlow canvas: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% (default), 150%, 200%, 300%. The Page, Width, and Height zoom settings only affect large or zoomed out canvases with components flowing offscreen.

Zoom in

Zooms in the current EventFlow canvas.

Zoom out

Zooms out the current EventFlow canvas.

Zoom to fit

Zooms in or out to best fit the current EventFlow canvas in the Editor view.

Align Center

When two or more components are selected, aligns them vertically based on their center lines.

Align Middle

When two or more components are selected, aligns them horizontally based on their middle lines.

Rearrange layout

Rearranges the components and connections of the current EventFlow application diagram.

Reroute arcs

Reroutes all arcs or the selected arcs, adding bends and curves as required for the best presentation of the current canvas.


Runs a typecheck operation on the current EventFlow application. Use the dropdown menu to toggle automatic typechecking.

Additions to Eclipse Open-Save Toolbar

Studio adds four buttons to the standard Eclipse Open-Save-Print toolbar, which is usually found on the far left side of the toolbar row:

After the Eclipse Open, Save, and Print buttons, there are four Studio-specific buttons:

New StreamBase Project

Opens the New StreamBase Project dialog. This is the same as invoking File>New>StreamBase Project.

New EventFlow Application

Opens the New StreamBase EventFlow Application dialog. Click the down-arrow on the right of this button to select between the New StreamBase Application and New StreamBase Interface dialogs.

New Feed Simulation

Opens the New StreamBase Feed Simulation dialog.

New StreamBase Unit Test

Opens the New StreamBase Unit Test Class dialog, part of the StreamBase JUnit Test feature.

Addition to Eclipse Search Toolbar

Studio adds one button to the Eclipse Search toolbar:

To the left of the Eclipse Search button flashlight is:

Open StreamBase Resource

Opens the Open StreamBase Resource dialog that lets you locate StreamBase-related file types anywhere in your workspace without having to search project-by-project.

View Toolbars

View toolbars contain actions that apply only to the view in which they appear. The view toolbar also contains a context menu that includes other actions for that view. Open the context menu by clicking on the down pointing triangle. If there is enough space, view toolbars are in the view's title bar. Otherwise, they appear inside the view.

Here is an example of the view title bar for the Feed Simulations View: