Running Fragments from the Command Line

To deploy an EventFlow or LiveView fragment on the command line, you must encapsulate the fragment into a StreamBase Application archive, then install and start a node to contain the application archive with the epadmin command. The process requires the following steps:

In StreamBase Studio:
  1. Create a fragment archive file for the fragment you want to deploy.

  2. Create a new, separate project in StreamBase Studio of type StreamBase Application.

  3. Add the fragment archive created in step 1 as a Maven dependency for the StreamBase Application project.

  4. Create an application archive file for the StreamBase Application project.

At the command prompt:
  1. Install a node containing the application archive file, using epadmin install node.

  2. Start the node, thereby starting the fragment running, using epadmin start node.

These steps are described in detail on the Deploy with epadmin page of the Concepts Overview.