Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading FX Adapter

Using the Adapter

The TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading FX allows a StreamBase application to connect to a Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading FX platform using the FIX protocol, and to exchange FX trade and price information with it via FIX messages.

The Goldman Sachs adapter has the following differences, compared to the FIX adapter:

  • Pricing Type selection:

    Use this radio button to select either request for quote or streaming prices.

As shipped with StreamBase software, this adapter can use the QuickFIX/J FIX engine and the TIBCO StreamBase® High-Performance FIX Engine. The QuickFIX/J FIX engine is included in TIBCO StreamBase distributions. The TIBCO StreamBase High-Performance FIX Engine is available as a separate product. Contact TIBCO Technical Support for additional information.