Legacy TIBCO EMS Adapter

Using the Adapter


This document describes an outdated and deprecated set of TIBCO EMS adapters. To use StreamBase's most up-to-date and fully supported EMS connectivity solution, see Using the JMS and TIBCO EMS Operators.

The Legacy TIBCO EMS reader and writer adapters allow a StreamBase application to connect to TIBCO EMS servers and exchange JMS messages with it.

Because this adapter uses JMS to communicate with EMS servers, its user-visible functionality is nearly identical to that of the StreamBase JMS reader and writer adapters. See the Legacy JMS Input and Output Adapters page for primary instructions on configuring and using the EMS adapters.

The EMS adapters have the following differences, compared to their JMS counterparts:

  • While you can use the JMS adapters to connect to any number of JMS providers, the EMS adapters will only allow connections to TIBCO EMS servers.


The 7.3.x version of the TIBCO EMS adapter works with EMS 7. If you are using EMS 8, you will need to update your setup to use Java 7.

Add the following JARs to your project as external references:

  • tibjms.jar

  • jms-2.0.jar

Set the environment variable STREAMBASE_USE_INTERNAL_JDK to FALSE and set JAVA_HOME to your Java 7 installation.