StreamBase C++ API
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCStreamBaseAdminClientThe StreamBase Admin Client API
 oCStreamBaseClientThe StreamBase client API
 oCStreamBaseEntityTypeA type of entity in a StreamBase catalog
 oCDataTypeA type of data in a tuple
 oCCompleteDataTypeAn object containing all the information about a data type – the primitive DataType; for DataType::TUPLEs, the Tuple's Schema; and for DataType::LISTs, the List elements' own CompleteDataType
 oCFieldValueA value a Field may take on
 oCFieldInformation (name, type, and optionally size) about a field in a Schema
 oCTupleStringParseExceptionError parsing a tuple as a delimited string
 oCNoSuchFieldExceptionNo field found with the given name or index
 oCNonTupleFieldInPathField path name contained an not-leaf segment whose type was not TUPLE
 oCSchemaA type of tuple, containing zero or more fields (each encapsulated as a Schema::Field object)
 oCClientSettingsThis class loads all the environment variables used by the C++ client API
 oCStreamPropertiesProperties of a single stream
 oCTupleTuples are value types that can be copied and modified separately thus
 oCTupleListTupleLists are value types that can be copied and modified seperately thus
 oCMalformedURIExceptionAn invalid URI was specified in a StreamBaseURI constructor
 oCStreamBaseURIA URI for a StreamBase client connection
 oCArgumentOutOfRangeNull value encountered
 oCDequeueResultEncapsulates the data returned from a dequeue() operation
 |\CInterceptorA callback interface that can be implemented by an object that is associated with a StreamBaseClient and which gets used in the course of dequeuing tuples
 oCPluginAggregateA plugin aggregate function
 oCPluginExceptionAn exception that occurs in a plugin function or aggregate
 oCPluginTypecheckExceptionAn exception that occurs during typechecking in a plugin function or aggregate
 oCPluginEvalExceptionAn exception that occurs during evaluation of a plugin function or aggregate
 oCPluginUsageExceptionException throw when a Plugin API is not used properly
 oCPluginFunctionA plugin function
 oCTimestampExceptionAttempted to parse an invalid Timestamp string
 oCTimestampClass for representing moments in time and intervals at millisecond granularity
 oCStreamBaseExceptionThe base class for all StreamBaseExceptions
 oCStreamBaseNoSuchEntityExceptionRequested an entity which doesn't exist
 oCStreamBaseBadXmlExceptionNon-well-formed XML
 oCStreamBaseBadEntityExceptionSemantically invalid XML (e.g., box doesn't have a type)
 oCStreamBaseTypingExceptionTypechecking failed
 oCStreamBaseIllegalArgumentExceptionMiscellaneous illegal argument
 oCStreamBaseNotImplementedExceptionA feature is not implemented
 oCStreamBaseNotSupportedExceptionA feature is not supported
 oCStreamBaseNetworkExceptionA network (TCP/IP) error was encountered
 oCStreamBaseTimeoutExceptionA network timeout error was encountered
 oCStreamBaseDequeueTimeoutExceptionA dequeued result was not available in the time allowed
 oCIllegalArgumentExceptionIllegal Argument
 oCNullValueExceptionNull value encountered
 oCStreamBaseXmlRpcFaultAn XML/RPC error has occurred
 \CStreamBaseListExceptionAn Exception which contains a list of cause exceptions