External File Restrictions

An unmanaged file is one that is not part of a StreamBase project.

EventFlow application files that you create with the StreamBase New EventFlow Application wizard belong to a project. By contrast, if you open an EventFlow or StreamSQL file from your file system using FileOpen File, that file is unmanaged.

You can perform normal Eclipse actions and some StreamBase actions on unmanaged files. You can open an unmanaged EventFlow or StreamSQL application file in a Studio editor and perform various edits (assuming the file permissions allow you to). However, there are certain things you cannot do with unmanaged application files:

  • You cannot reference modules.

  • You cannot use embedded Java code, such as custom Java functions or Java operators.

  • If you open an external file that already contains a Module Reference or Java Operator, you can open and view the component's properties, but you cannot edit the properties or run the application.

  • You cannot use Studio's run, debug, or trace launchers to run unmanaged applications.

  • Server configuration files only control the options for StreamBase Server run from a Studio project.

  • If you select a set of components in an external application and right-click the selection, Extract As Module is not available in the menu.

To avoid these restrictions, you can either:

  1. Import the external file into a StreamBase Studio project.

  2. Add the file's location to a Studio project's resource list, as described in Managing Resource Files in Studio.