Managing Resource Files in Studio

Files that you create in, or import into, a StreamBase project are managed resources. That is, StreamBase Studio knows about the relationships and interactions between resources in the current project as you design and test your applications. This is why newly created files are created by default in the application's project folder. By contrast, unmanaged resources are files on which you cannot perform some Studio operations.

You might have resources in other projects that you want to use in the current project. Or, you might want resources in your local file system (outside the StreamBase Studio workspace) to be visible to the current StreamBase project.

StreamBase provides the following methods for making unmanaged resources usable in the current project:

Import resources

You can import files into the current project, which makes them project-managed resources. You can also export resources to make them available to users and processes outside of StreamBase Studio. See Importing into Studio for details.

Reference other projects in your workspace

You can establish a reference from the current project to another project in the Studio workspace by means of the Project References page of the current project's Properties dialog. This makes modules, Java operator files, and adapter files within the referenced project available to the current project. See Project References for instructions.

Using resources outside your workspace

The current project can use files in the local file system that reside outside the Studio workspace. To do this, you must edit this project's server configuration file to specify the path to the directory containing the files of interest. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit your project's sbd.sbconf configuration file (or create one if it does not exist, as described in Creating New Server Configuration Files.)

  2. In the <global> section of the configuration file, specify one or more directories where StreamBase should search for external resources. For modules, use <module-search> elements; for Java operator and adapter resources use <operator-resource-search> elements. For example:

        <module-search directory="/home/username/sbmodules"/>

    See StreamBase Server Configuration File XML Reference for the syntax of the configuration file.

  3. Save the sbd.sbconf file. The resources can now be referenced by applications in your project.


Configuring a project to use external resources is similar to deploying an application, where you must configure the sbd server to use resources that are not managed by StreamBase Studio.

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