StreamBase File Properties

This page describes the properties you can view and set in StreamBase Studio for StreamBase files. (If you are looking for information on the properties of Studio project folders, see StreamBase Project Properties.)

Resource and Run/Debug Settings properties are provided for all files and folders in the Studio workspace, inherited from the underlying Eclipse framework. StreamBase runnable source files, such as EventFlow or StreamSQL module files, have additional StreamBase-specific properties, as described below in StreamBase.

To open the Properties dialog for any file in the current Studio workspace:

  • In the Package Explorer, select the file of interest.

  • Use one of the following methods:

    • Right-click and select Properties from the context menu.

    • Invoke FileProperties from the main Studio menu.

    • Press Alt+Enter.

Use the contents column on the left side of the Properties dialog to select one of the following property panels:

File Properties — Resource

Resource information is provided by the Eclipse framework for all files and folders in the Studio workspace. The Resource panel of the Properties dialog shows the following information about the currently selected file or folder:

Path The relative path within the Studio workspace.
Type Whether the selected resource is a file or folder, and the file's type, if known.
Location The absolute file system path to the selected resource.
Last modified Date and time of the last modification.
Attributes Check boxes to show or set the selected resource's Read Only, Archive, and Derived status.
Text file encoding The selected resource's character encoding. StreamBase files are UTF-8 encoded by default.

You can see the same information (plus the file size and linked status for files) in the Eclipse Properties view. Open this Eclipse view with WindowShow ViewOther. In the Show View dialog, select GeneralProperties.

File Properties — Run/Debug Settings

The Run/Debug Settings panel of the Properties dialog is present for all file and folder types, but the buttons are only active for runnable file types. For StreamBase EventFlow, StreamSQL, or deployment files, use this panel to create, edit, and manage launch configurations for the selected file.

This panel provides an alternative entry into the RunRun Configurations dialog, but with the focus narrowed to the Run, Debug, or Trace launch configurations for the selected file. Guidance for editing and managing launch configurations is provided in Editing Launch Configurations in the Test/Debug Guide. Use the New, Duplicate, Edit, and Delete buttons as described on that page.

Remember that Studio automatically generates and saves a Run configuration for each EventFlow, StreamSQL, or deployment file that you run in Studio. If you have previously run the selected file, a Run configuration entry is already present when you open this panel.

File Properties — StreamBase

The StreamBase panel of the file Properties dialog only appears when the selected file is an EventFlow or StreamSQL file. The panel has two sections:

Builder Options

Use the Builder Options section to specify the default state for automatically generating a StreamBase precompiled archive file (with .sbar extension) for the currently selected EventFlow or StreamSQL file. Settings made for an individual file override the project settings specified in the Project Builder panel of the Project Properties dialog.

To explicitly include or exclude an individual EventFlow or StreamSQL file from being having a precompiled archive file generated, select among the following options:

  • (Use project setting)

  • Always

  • Never

Specify Never to exclude precompiled archive file generation for:

  • Top-level modules under active and ongoing development, to save development time. Otherwise, an archive file is generated every time you save the module.


    Once a top-level module's development stabilizes, remember to reset this setting to (Use project setting) or Always.

  • Any module designed to be referenced as a submodule, and never as a top-level application. Submodule logic is automatically incorporated into the top-level module that references it. When a precompiled archive is generated for the top-level application, all its submodules are included as source files during the generation of that archive file. Thus, any precompiled archive files generated directly for submodules would never be used, but would still consume development time to generate.

Specify Always to have a precompiled archive file generated for the selected top-level module every time the module or one of its submodules changes.

See Precompiled Application Archives for background information on StreamBase precompiled archive files.

Application Statistics

The Application Statistics section shows the following information about the currently selected EventFlow or StreamSQL module, including all its referenced submodules:

  • The number of StreamBase operators.

  • The number of Query Table data constructs, including:

    • The number of Shared versus Private Query Tables.

    • The number of Disk versus Memory Query Tables.

  • The number of JDBC Table data constructs.