FXall Relationship Trading Provider Adapter Sample

This sample demonstrates the use of the TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for FXall Relationship Trading Provider. It receives quote requests, generates prices, and accepts deal requests.

Running This Sample in StreamBase Studio

  1. In the Package Explorer, double-click fxall-provider.sbapp.

  2. In the Parameters tab, enter site-specific values for your FXall URL, username, password, etc. The certificate directory parameter can be set with the absolute path of the directory containing your FXall keystore files.

  3. Click the Run button. This opens the SB Test/Debug perspective and starts the application.

  4. In the Test/Debug Perspective, open the Application Output view. If connectivity is configured correctly, look for tuples emitted on the Status streams indicating the connection is Up to your FXall server.

  5. Using an FXall customer trading application, such as FAall's QuickTrade/Altair application, send a quote request to StreamBase.

  6. In Studio's Application Output view, observe a QuoteRequest tuple followed by a sequence of SendQuote and QuoteAck tuples.

  7. Using the FXall customer trading application, accept one of the quotes received from StreamBase.

  8. In the Application Output view, observe DealRequest AcceptedDeal, and CompletedDeals tuples.

  9. In the FXall customer trading application, observe the completed deal.

  10. When done, press F9 or click the Stop Running Application button.

Importing This Sample into StreamBase Studio

In StreamBase Studio, import this sample with the following steps:

  • From the top menu, click FileLoad StreamBase Sample.

  • Select this sample from the Embedded Input Adapters list.

  • Click OK.

StreamBase Studio creates a project for this sample.

Sample Location

When you load the sample into StreamBase Studio, Studio copies the sample project's files to your Studio workspace, which is normally part of your home directory, with full access rights.


Load this sample in StreamBase Studio, and thereafter use the Studio workspace copy of the sample to run and test it, even when running from the command prompt.

Using the workspace copy of the sample avoids permission problems. The default workspace location for this sample is:


See Default Installation Directories for the default location of studio-workspace on your system.

In the default TIBCO StreamBase installation, this sample's files are initially installed in:


See Default Installation Directories for the default location of studio-workspace on your system.