Using DataWatch Desktop Workbooks

Importing a DataWatch Workbook into LiveView Desktop

TIBCO LiveView™ Desktop supports the use of Workbooks created with DataWatch Desktop 12. You can import such Workbooks into LiveView Desktop as a quick way to create views to visualize the incoming stream of data.


DataWatch Desktop was previously known as the Panopticon Designer. LiveView Desktop supports workbooks created with DataWatch Desktop 12.0 or later, or with Panoption Designer 6.x and earlier.

The only data tables supported in Workbooks are those using the StreamBase and LiveView choices. Other data tables (such as Excel, text, or any other table format) do not load in LiveView Desktop. LiveView and StreamBase data tables stream data to DataWatch Workbooks just as they do in LiveView Desktop.

For information on changing the default character encoding, see Changing Character Encoding.

Follow these steps to import a DataWatch Desktop Workbook into LiveView Desktop:

  1. To open a Workbook from LiveView Desktop, select WindowNew Workbook Viewer.

  2. Click the Configure button ().

  3. Click Browse and browse to the Workbook you want to import.

  4. If you are planning to share the Workspace, select the check box for Copy file into Workspace folder now. If this check box is cleared, Desktop stores the full path to the workbook file on your machine.

Using StreamBase or LiveView as Data Sources for DataWatch Desktop

DataWatch Desktop is provided for Microsoft Windows platforms only, and provides a StreamBase connector feature that allows both TIBCO StreamBase tables and TIBCO LiveView tables to serve as data sources for DataWatch visualizations. To install the StreamBase or LiveView connector, follow the instructions provided in the DataWatch Designer documentation.

To support the DataWatch Desktop connector feature, install the StreamBase .NET Client Library redistributables, as described on Redistributing the .NET Client Library.