StreamBase Embedded Adapters

Document Conversion Incomplete

The StreamBase Adapters Guide still describes the state of adapters as of StreamBase 7.6.6, and has not yet been updated for StreamBase 10.

Descriptions of the Properties view for adapters and operators remain accurate, because those features did not change. The Guide lists the full StreamBase 7.6.6 set of adapters, some of which may not be supported, or may be supported differently, under StreamBase 10.

This Guide is expected to be thoroughly converted to describe StreamBase 10 features in upcoming releases.

Embedded adapters are those that run in the same StreamBase Server process that is hosting and processing your StreamBase application. In contrast to external adapters, embedded adapters do not incur a client-server communication overhead. Embedded adapters start and stop automatically with the StreamBase application, which simplifies many administration tasks.

Alphabetic Listing of all Embedded Adapters

The following embedded adapters are available for use with the base StreamBase installation. Some adapters are listed twice to help locate them in expected alphabetical locations.

LiveView Adapters

The LiveView embedded adapters allow you to easily configure EventFlow applications that work with LiveView tables. There are five LiveView adapters:

  • The LiveView Query Adapter allows a StreamBase application to register ad hoc queries with LiveView servers and receive snapshot and real-time results.

  • The LiveView Ready Adapter informs a StreamBase application when the configured LiveView Server is ready, and when it changes to not ready.

  • The LiveView Delete Adapter allows a StreamBase application to delete LiveView table rows based on a predicate.

  • The LiveView Publish Output adapter allows a StreamBase application to publish data to LiveView tables.

  • The LiveView Create and Drop Output adapter allows a StreamBase application to interactively create and drop data tables from a running LiveView Server instance.

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