Nomura FX FIX Adapter

Using the Adapter

The TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for Nomura FX B-2-B allows a StreamBase application to connect to the Nomura FX B-2-B trading infrastructure and to exchange FIX messages with it.

Because this adapter uses the FIX protocol to communicate with the Nomura FX infrastructure, its user-visible functionality is nearly identical to that of the StreamBase FIX adapter. See the FIX Adapter page for primary instructions on configuring and using the Nomura FX adapter.

The Nomura FX adapter has the following differences, compared to the FIX adapter:

  • Nomura FX OnBehalfOfCompID and SenderSubID:

    Because Nomura FX venues require a value to be supplied for the OnBehalfOfCompID and SenderSubID fields in every outgoing FIX message, you must specify the value for these fields in the adapter's configuration file.

    • For the QuickFIX/J engine add OnBehalfOfCompID=MyCustomerID and SenderSubID=MyUserID entries either in the session-specific section or the [DEFAULT] section of the file.

    • For the StreamBaseFIX engine add <on-behalf-of-comp-id>MyCustomerID</on-behalf-of-comp-id> and <sender-sub-id>MyUserID</sender-sub-id> attributes to your session's <fix-session> tag.

As shipped with StreamBase software, this adapter can use the QuickFIX/J FIX engine and the TIBCO StreamBase® High-Performance FIX Engine. The QuickFIX/J FIX engine is included in TIBCO StreamBase distributions. The TIBCO StreamBase High-Performance FIX Engine is available as a separate product. Contact TIBCO Technical Support for additional information.