Interface Operator.ConfigurationAccessor

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    public static interface Operator.ConfigurationAccessor
    Provides access to configuration information for use by operators and adapters, available from the server's configuration file. Usually used in conjunction with a ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor.
    7.5 initial release
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      • getConfigurationBlocksAsXML

        NodeList getConfigurationBlocksAsXML​(String xpath)
                                      throws XPathExpressionException
        Return all nodes that satisfy the given xpath expression, within the adapter/operator configuration area of the StreamBase Server's configuration file. This area is currently defined as the nodes contained within the adapter-configurations element.

        Behaviour is undefined if the xpath expression traverses upwards to parent nodes.

        xpath - the xpath expression to evaluate
        a never-null NodeList given the input expression
        XPathExpressionException - invalid xpath expression