Class ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor

  • public class ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor
    extends SBPropertyDescriptor
    A property descriptor for use by a String-typed Java Operator or Adapter property, for cases that wish to present to the user a chooser (typically a combo box) that allows identifying some data out of the server configuration file's adapter-configurations area.

    At runtime, the Operator/Adapter may use Operator.getOperatorConfigurationAccessor() along with the property value to retrieve the data.

    Specifically, this descriptor is to be created with an XPath expression that selects XPathConstants.NODESET, and more specifically, that is expected to return a list of Attribute nodes, whose values will be presented to the user to select from. The value selected (or entered) is then set to a String property type.

    The XPath expression supports the use of variables (using the $var syntax as specified by the JAXP API); you may use other property names as variable names, and you must declare these variables using setLinkedPropertyNames(String...).

    For example, given this as the contents of the adapter-configurations element in the server's configuration file:

     <adapter-configuration type="myop">
       <section name="section1">
       <section name="section2">

    then this xpath: adapter-configuration[@type="myop"]/section/@name

    would let the user select from:

    section1 and section2

    An example XPath expression using a parameter might look like: adapter-configuration[@type="myop"]/sections/[@name=$section]/@name

    Note that UIHints proposals are ignored for this descriptor.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor

        public ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor​(String propertyName,
                                                      String xpath,
                                                      Class<?> beanClass,
                                                      String readMethodName,
                                                      String writeMethodName)
                                               throws IntrospectionException,
        Construct a property descriptor with non-standard read/write method names
        propertyName - the name of the property
        xpath - an XPath expression string that will select attributes whose values are to be displayed to the user
        beanClass - the operator class containing the property
        readMethodName - the name of the method used to read the property
        writeMethodName - the name of the method used to write the property
        IntrospectionException - if introspection fails
        XPathExpressionException - invalid XPath expression
    • Method Detail

      • setLinkedPropertyNames

        public ConfigurationChooserPropertyDescriptor setLinkedPropertyNames​(String... propertyNames)
        Declare property names that are being used in the XPath expression as variables
        propertyNames - names of the other properties to link to
        this object to allow method chaining
      • getLinkedPropertyNames

        public String[] getLinkedPropertyNames()
        a never-null array of property names used as variables in this descriptor's XPath expression