Class ResourceFilePropertyDescriptor

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      • ResourceFilePropertyDescriptor

        public ResourceFilePropertyDescriptor​(String propertyName,
                                              Class<?> beanClass,
                                              String readMethodName,
                                              String writeMethodName)
                                       throws IntrospectionException
        Construct a resource descriptor with non-standard read/write method names.
        propertyName - the name of the property
        beanClass - the operator class containing the property
        readMethodName - the name of the method used to read the property
        writeMethodName - the name of the method used to write the property
        IntrospectionException - if introspection fails
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      • restrictFileHints

        public ResourceFilePropertyDescriptor restrictFileHints​(String[] restrictions)
        Sets restrictions on the Studio UI used to display a chooser to select a resource file.

        Note that this is a relaxed UI restriction, and does not prevent any value from being typed by the user, nor does it restrict resources the operator can access.

        Two kinds of name restrictions are available:

        • File extension restrictions must be provided as strings starting with a dot, e.g. .xml, and Studio will restrict the chooser to files ending in the provided extension, case insensitively.
        • All other string restrictions are treated as complete file name restrictions, and Studio will restrict the chooser to files matching the name entirely and exactly, case insensitively.
        A file will be allowed to display in the UI chooser when it matches any restriction.
        restrictions - see method description, must not be null
        this resource file property descriptor for chaining