LiveView 10.6.2 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming .

New Features

LiveView 10.6.2 adds the following updates and new features:

Starting with release 10.6.2, LiveView 10.6 supplies and requires LiveView Web 1.6.2.

If your LiveView project is using LiveView Web, to avoid display issues, make sure your LiveView fragment is using LiveView Web 1.6.2. Including LiveView Web with your project will normally include the recommended version unless the version was explicitly specified. You will need to re-build such projects before deploying on the Streaming 10.6.2 runtime.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes no new changes in functionality.

Deprecated and Removed Features

Not applicable to this release.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable.

LiveView Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.6.2 of the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.6.2
Number Resolution
TIBCO LiveView™ 10.6.2 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.6.1 and all fixes resolved in the release 2.2 series through 2.2.8.