StreamBase 10.6.1 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.1.

New Features

TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.1 adds the following updates and new features:

Web-based Administration Application Introduced

Release 10.6.1 introduces a preview edition of the TIBCO Streaming Web Administration Interface. This web-based application offers secure cluster management and configuration convenience from one location, including:

  • Dynamic service discovery.

  • Hierarchical views of clusters, with the option to drill down to the specified managed entity.

  • Node lifecycle management, including node install/stop/start/removal.

  • Application lifecycle management.

  • Logging management.

  • Security management.

New Operators Introduced

Release 10.6.1 introduces the following operators:

New JMX Adapter Suite Introduced

Release 10.6.1 introduces the TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for JMX, which is comprised of the following adapter components:

See this page for the adapter sample.

New Oracle Version Supported for JDBC Access

StreamBase now supports JDBC access to tables on Oracle 19c and MySQL 8.

Cluster Monitor Now Supports TLS

TLS connections are now supported between the client and the Cluster Monitor application. Other enhancements introduced in this release include a streamlined configuration to improve application efficiency. See this page for details.

JDBC Operator Integration with Runtime Transaction Processing

The JDBC operator now provides the option to integrate each JDBC transaction with StreamBase Runtime transaction processing, such that the JDBC transaction commits or rolls back when the Runtime transaction commits or rolls back.

The Runtime transaction completes when the tuple exits the parallel region. Enable this feature in the configuration of the operator's JDBC Data Source by setting the new transactionBoundary property to PARALLEL_REGION. When set, the JDBC transaction commits when the tuple exits the parallel region. If this property is not set or is set to OPERATION, then each statement executed by the JDBC operator executes in its own JDBC transaction.

Decision Table Operator Enhanced

The Decision Table operator now includes an optional Required on Startup field. Using this field allows the operator to wait for a decision table to load before completing initialization. This can prevent problems for applications that need to ensure that all decision tables are loaded before processing any tuples.

JMS Request/Reply Operator Enhanced

The JMS and EMS Request/Reply operator has a new property, identical to the one on the Consumer operator, to allow the use of a dynamically-created destination for sending requests (as opposed to a predefined one in the adapter's configuration file).

Documentation to Run Docker Containers Updated

This release includes a thorough rewrite of the setup steps for creating and running Docker containers for EventFlow fragments from StreamBase Studio. There are new instructions for creating and running LiveView fragments in Docker containers, including an Important note about setting Docker Desktop memory to allow LiveView fragments to run at all.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes the following changes in functionality:

Behavior Change for epadmin secret

The data and keystorepassword parameters for all three epadmin secret commands are now marked as required parameters on the command line.

Deprecated and Removed Features

The following features are deprecated as of StreamBase 10.6.1.

StreamBase Health Report Option Removed From StreamBase Support Wizard

The optional StreamBase Health Report check box was removed from the StreamBase Support Wizard as of 10.6.1, to accommodate the removal of its underlying sbhealth component in 10.6.0. To generate a diagnostics report, use the epadmin create snapshot command instead.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable.

StreamBase Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.6.1 of the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.6.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.6.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.6.0 and all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.8.
SB-49347 If a Streaming node A in a cluster is stopped when a Streaming node B is stopped, removed, re-installed, and re-started, then when node A is re-started, deploying an artifact from AMS to the Artifact Distribution Service can fail with the error message: An [uncaught user] exception occurred during processing of the epadmin request. This was fixed.
SB-49271 This release resolved an issue that prevented running the New Decision Table wizard.
SB-49200 The LDAP adapters were updated to correct an error in the SizeLimit property, and to emit an empty marker tuple sent on the results output port (in addition to the error tuple being sent to the status port), in the event of an error occurring during a search.
SB-48147 In some cases, starting or stopping multiple nodes in the same cluster simultaneously would fail to start or stop. This problem was resolved; multiple nodes in the same cluster can now be simultaneously started and stopped successfully.
SB-47505 A limitation previously prevented the uploading of generated files from the REST API: POST target command endpoint, when parameters were specified with the sent command. This was resolved.