LiveView 10.6.1 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming .

New Features

LiveView 10.6.1 adds the following updates and new features:

New LiveView Delayed Peer Recovery Sample for TCM eFTL Now Available

The Delayed Peer Recovery sample uses a new custom operator to implement peer recovery that is delayed/overlapped, to better support message buses that cannot deliver messages not previously subscribed to. This is an important use case for elastic scaling HA servers.

JavaScript API Now Supports Listing Current User Permissions

The JavaScript Client API now supports listing current user permissions. See the JavaScript documentation for details.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes no new changes in functionality.

Deprecated and Removed Features

LiveView 10.6.1 has the following deprecations.

Client API for TIMESTAMP_RELATIVE Now Deprecated

The Java and .NET Client API for TIMESTAMP_RELATIVE is now deprecated. Use TIMESTAMP_INTERVAL instead. Refer to the respective API documentation for details.

Migration and Compatibility

LiveView 10.6.1 contains the following migration and compatibility notes.


The Java and .NET client API for TIMESTAMP_INTERVAL now replaces TIMESTAMP_RELATIVE, which is now deprecated. Refer to the respective API documentation for details.

LiveView Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.6.1 of the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.6.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO LiveView™ 10.6.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.5.0 and all fixes resolved in the release 2.2 series through 2.2.8.
CQS-5049, CQS-5141 As a side effect of Release 10.6.0's adoption of JDK 11, red warning lines appeared in the Studio Console view when starting a LiveView fragment. The warning that was emitted is now fixed by an update to the HTTP client.