LiveView 10.6.0 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.0.

New Features

LiveView 10.6.0 adds the following updates and new features:

New LiveView Perspective Introduced

Studio now includes a LiveView perspective that opens automatically when you run a LiveView fragment in Studio. The perspective has many features of the TIBCO LiveView Desktop™ utility, but integrated with Studio. This provides developers with an automatic and convenient way to view the tables of one or more running LiveView applications, and to perform queries against them.

LiveView Adapters Now Enhanced

This release includes the following LiveView adapter enhancements:

  • The LiveView Create or Drop Table output adapter now includes advanced table creation, retention, and field rule options. The adapter can also send a connection information tuple to status output port, when it successfully connects.

  • When dragged onto the Studio canvas, each LiveView adapter now provides a hyperlink in its Properties view to import proposed schemas for the input port. The exception is the LiveView Ready adapter, which does not contain an input port.

.NET Client API: Various Enhancements

The LiveView .NET Client now supports:

  • REST alert actions.

  • LiveView connections through using statements.

  • Listing current user permissions.

  • Valid 301, 302, 307, and 308 HTTP redirects.

REST Management Interfaces Now Provided

Each running LiveView node now includes a web server that presents REST API web services that support node, engine, and table metrics queries. See Metrics Web Service for more information.

JavaScript Client API Now Includes New Transport Options

The LiveView.connect method now includes two new optional transport properties in the settings object:

  • @param {String} [settings.transport]

  • @param {String} [settings.fallbackTransport]

These are considered advanced settings and should not be changed in most scenarios. For more information, see the JavaScript documentation.

LiveView Data Tables Now Support Semantic Interpretation

LiveView now supports semantic interpretation, which are metadata hints that you can include in the data table configuration. For a timestamp field, you could provide a hint that the column is absolute, for example.

New HOCON Property Supports Table Group Configuration

The LiveView engine configuration file type now includes the tableGroups property to define a group of LiveView servers containing the same set of tables, for high availability. This property replaces the now-deprecated lvconf table group configuration method.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes no new changes in functionality.

Deprecated and Removed Features

LiveView 10.6.0 has the following deprecations.

lvconf Method of Table Group Configuration Now Deprecated

The lvconf configuration method of configuring table groups is now deprecated and expected to be re-purposed in a future release. Instead, use the new HOCON tableGroup property to configure LiveView table groups.

Migration and Compatibility

This release includes no migration and compatibility issues.

LiveView Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.6.0 of the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.6.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO LiveView™ 10.6.0 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.5.0 and all fixes resolved in the release 2.2 series through 2.2.8.
SB-48707 In previous releases, when using the New LiveView Data Table wizard (including when that wizard called by the New LiveView Fragment wizard) it was possible to click Next to proceed through the steps without assigning a primary key for the table. Starting with this release, you must assign a primary key for every LiveView data table.
SB-48201 A regression was introduced in 10.5 where the covariancep aggregate function would fail with a do_print not found error. This was fixed.