StreamBase 10.6.4 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.4.

New Features

TIBCO® Streaming 10.6.4 adds the following updates and new features:

TIBCO® Streaming Now Bundles Java 11.0.18

On all supported operating systems, the TIBCO Streaming installation kit provides the runtime components of Oracle JDK version 11.0.18 in a subdirectory of the StreamBase installation directory, for private use to run StreamBase program fragments and applications from within StreamBase Studio. As before, StreamBase detects and prefers a system-installed JDK, and uses the bundled JDK as a fallback. See further details about the JDK requirements of this release in the JDK entry of the Supported Configurations page.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes the following changes in functionality.

Launching Panel in Studio Preference Settings Now has Minimal as Default Logging Option.

Fragment and Application Output in Launching Panel has changed the default logging option from Concise to Minimal so it only shows logging message.

Connectivity Wizard in Studio Now has a Browse Button to Search for the Settings File in other Directories.

In Connectivity wizard while creating a new project using settings from a previously created project can now browse Settings file in the file system using the Browse button.

The Path Portion of the OIDC Issuer URL is Now Used When Constructing the URL for the OIDC Provider's Configuration Document

For an OIDC issuer URL of the URL used to download the OIDC provider's configuration document will be In previous releases, the path component was ignored and the the URL used would have been

Deprecated and Removed Features

The following features are deprecated as of StreamBase 10.6.4.

FIX-based adapters' support for QuickFIX/J engine

Currently all FIX-based adapters offers a choice between using QuickFIX/J engine or TIBCO's own High-Performance FIX (HPFIX) engine. Going forward, HPFIX should be used as support for QuickFIX/J will be remove in an upcoming version of the product.

TIBCO® Artifact Management Server

AMS is targeted for deprecation in the 11.1.0 release. TIBCO ModelOps is a new offering that builds on the capabilities of AMS with more sophisticated governance and artifact management capabilities. AMS remains supported in the current release of Streaming.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable.

StreamBase Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.6.4 of the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.6.4
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.6.4 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0.0 series through 10.6.3 and all fixes resolved in the release 7.7.0 series through 7.7.8.
SB-52421 Earlier, Linux users were unable to open a command prompt because the desktop environment can not be determined. From this release onwards, they can set the system property streambase.ide.openshell-forcecommandstring to the command they want to run.
SB-52618 When connecting to URIs, the WebSocket Client Read Adapter checks for ws versus wss protocols and configures the SSL accordingly.
SB-52691 Earlier, Bloomberg B-pipe input adapter could not subscribe to market depth data. This has been resolved from this release.
SB-52668 When two JMS adapters subscribe to same destination, JMS ended up with invalid ACK. This has been fixed by changing JMSSubscription to create a unique ID in its constructor.
SB-52599 Substituted JMS adapter configuration values were not displayed correctly in the visual editor. Now onwards, there will be a warning dialog window titled error loading configuration file.
SB-52561 Osi Pi can now set interval for interpolated rangeType.
SB-52518 The tooltip for Consumer Options Acknowledge Mode in the JMS Configuration File Editor has been updated.
SB-52271 JMSSubscription leak when using the JMS Request/Reply operator is fixed.
SB-51634 Earlier,Container restart used to hang in JMSSubscription sendOutput. The send calls are now gated on the shouldConsume flag.
SB-52897 Previously, when user checked off the Include node snapshots checkbox to create a node snapshot in the TIBCO StreamBase Studio Support Wizard, the resulting archive zip did not have the node snapshot of the running project.