Streaming 11.0.1 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO Streaming® component of TIBCO® Streaming 11.0.1.

New Features

TIBCO® Streaming 11.0.1 adds the following updates and new features:

TIBCO® Streaming Now Supports Debian Linux 11

Debian Linux is now a supported operating system for deployment.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Bundles Java 11.0.16

On all supported operating systems, the TIBCO® Streaming installation kit provides the runtime components of Oracle JDK version 11.0.16 in a subdirectory of the Streaming installation directory, for private use to run Streaming fragments and applications from within StreamBase Studio. As before, Streaming detects and prefers a system-installed JDK, and uses the bundled JDK as a fallback. See further details about the JDK requirements of this release in the JDK entry of the Supported Configurations page.

Jetty Upgraded

The Jetty web server version was upgraded to 9.4.48 to address security issues in the previously supported version. The upgrade applies, for example, to the TIBCO StreamBase® Web Server Request adapter and the TIBCO StreamBase® Web Server Response adapter, as well as for developing your own applications that require Jetty.

Added Discovery Mechanism to Work Cross-Namespace

Previously, EventFlow pod installation used to fail because Kubernetes-based service discovery was not available in cluster. From this release, Kubernetes-based service discovery mechanism now works with cross-namespace.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Uses OpenShift 4.10

From this release, TIBCO Streaming uses OpenShift 4.10 and later instead of 4.6 as in the previous version.

UMDF Adapter Now Uses New Version Of FIX Antenna Java

From this release, UMDF adapter uses version 2.24.1 for FIX messages and and version 2.14.26 for FAST messages.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes no new changes in functionality.

Deprecated and Removed Features

The following features are deprecated as of Streaming 11.0.1.

FIX-based adapters' support for QuickFIX/J Engine Deprecated

Currently all FIX-based adapters offers a choice between using QuickFIX/J engine or the High-Performance FIX (HPFIX) engine of TIBCO®. Going forward, HPFIX must be used as support for QuickFIX/J will be removed in an upcoming version of the product.

TIBCO® Artifact Management Server Deprecated

TIBCO® ModelOps is a new offering that builds on the capabilities of TIBCO® Artifact Management Server with more sophisticated governance and artifact management capabilities. TIBCO® Artifact Management Server remains supported for the 10.6 LTS release support period, which ends on May 31, 2025.

FastJSON Dependencies Removed from Adapters

FastJSON dependencies are removed from all adapters.

C++ Client APIs are now Deprecated

There is no replacement for the C++ APIs and the client code must be migrated to one of the other supported language bindings such as Java, .NET, and Python.

sbc and sbadmin Command Line Tools are now Deprecated

sbc and sbadmin command line tools are now deprecated. The functionality of these command line tools has been replaced with epadmin and any use of them should be migrated to epadmin.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable.

Streaming Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 11.0.1 of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 11.0.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO® Streaming 11.0.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0.0-10.6.3.
SB-51994 FastJSON was previously announced as having been removed, however this was incorrect as there remained one use in the Webserver Adapter. This dependency is now removed.
SB-51607 The Database Change Data Capture (CDC) adapter was not using the JDBC Data Source HOCON configuration to enable pooling options. Because of this, CDC Adapter could not monitor multiple CDC-enabled tables efficiently.
SB-51813 The source Distributed Router now receives the notification that the target node has become available and delivers the queued tuples for that node and reports the change from the Status output port. No queued tuples are dropped.
SB-51861 The Legacy Decision Table operator was not updating the latest version of the .sbdt file despite the server UI and logs reporting that the deployment was successful.
SB-51809 Two security vulnerabilities were identified in the Spring Framework that enable unauthenticated Remote Code Execution (RCE). The vulnerability impacted Spring Framework, which includes Spring MVC and Spring WebFlux applications running on JDK 9+. Spring libraries were updated accordingly to fix this.
SB-49285 The Aggregate operator emits a window but does not close the window if the output tuple hits an Error Output Stream within the region. This behavior differs from StreamBase 7.7, which closes and clears the window regardless of whether an error is reached later.
SB-51920 "LiveViewException: Unauthorized" error occurs when trying to authenticate using a secured LDAP server.
SB-51953 In Debug Mode, launching or deploying StreamBase EventFlow Fragment use to hang if any module had a breakpoint set.

While defining variable name in Japanese in Dynamic Variables Tab of Streaming Studio, Streaming adds the # pound char in front of Variable name. This causes the error at the beginning of application leading to end the application.