Streaming 11.0.0 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO Streaming® component of TIBCO® Streaming 11.0.0.

New Features

TIBCO® Streaming 11.0.0 adds the following updates and new features:

Installation Location Changes

TIBCO® Streaming and TIBCO® Data Streams now install in default locations that include their product codes, str and sfire-sfds respectively. For this product, the default install locations are /opt/tibco/str/11.0 on Linux and C:\tibco\str\11.0 on Windows.

The tar.gz files from the unpack action of the archive-bin installers for these products and the StreamBase High Performance Fix Pack are now rooted at the product install root with no fixed prefix, so any destination you choose no longer must contain str/10.x.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Supports Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 is now a supported operating system for development and deployment.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Supports AlmaLinux OS 8

AlmaLinux is now a supported operating system for deployment, and is the recommended migration path for applications deployed on CentOS Linux 8.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Bundles Java 11.0.14

On all supported operating systems, the TIBCO Streaming installation kit provides the runtime components of Oracle JDK version 11.0.14 in a subdirectory of the StreamBase installation directory, for private use to run StreamBase program fragments and applications from within StreamBase Studio. As before, StreamBase detects and prefers a system-installed JDK, and uses the bundled JDK as a fallback. See further details about the JDK requirements of this release in the JDK entry of the Supported Configurations page.

Studio Now Built on Eclipse 4.21

StreamBase Studio and StreamBase Manager are now based on Eclipse 4.21.

As with every major release, TIBCO strongly recommends using File>Import to import your projects from previous releases into a new, unused Studio 11.0 workspace. Be sure to use the Copy projects into workspace option.

Once imported and updated to 11.0 format, do not reopen a 11.0 project with an earlier release of Studio.

A Quick Fix Added to HOCON Editor

A quick fix has been added to the HOCON editor to insert a default value for missing substitution variables in order to remove validation errors. For details refer to Default Substitution Variable Value Example section of the HOCON Substitution Variables page.

Studio Now has Docker Tooling Bundled

Eclipse Docker Tooling 5.4 version has been bundled with the StreamBase 11.0 version. This allows management of Docker images and Containers from within Studio. For more details on this open source software refer to Linux Tools Project/Docker Tooling/User Guide.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Supports Logback 1.2.8 and Higher Versions

Logback 1.2.8 and higher is now a supported logging framework.

LiveView Cluster-Wide Alerting is Now More Robust in the Face of Master Failure

Cluster-wide alerting is now more robust in ensuring alerts are not missed when an alert master fails. See the Cluster-wide Alert Configuration page for more information.

Added Postgres Support for LiveView Metadata

Postgres 12.2 is now supported for LiveView Metadata server to store its metadata. For supported version details, refer to Supported Configurations.

All the LiveView Adapters Now have Two New Features Available

The LiveView adapters now have two new features available. The first feature supports 'Runtime URLs', meaning you can set the LiveView URL any time during the life of the server. You can also change the LiveView URL to connect to at any time.

The second feature provides the option to use a 'compressed' LiveView connection. This can be very helpful for connections transferring large amounts of data and which have limited or metered bandwidth.

The LiveView Client Now has Enhancements

The LiveView client has been modernized with auto completion and command history.

A New LiveView Python Client

The LiveView Python client lets you query, publish, and monitor data from a LiveView server with Python.

New Metrics Published for LiveView

The LiveView now publishes 7 new metrics. All existing LiveView metrics are now deprecated.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Comes With PyDev Feature

PyDev is now a supported feature, which can help create python projects.

Data Science Operators Can Now Be Accessed Using Palette Drawer

Data Science operators were accessible through Operators menu within the Insert tab. They can now be accessed using the palette drawer.

The macOS Studio and Manager Bundle IDs Are Changed

Starting with this release, macOS Studio ID has changed from studio.product to and Manager Bundle ID has changed from manager.product to as per Apple guidelines. Check all default installation directories.

Support Wizard Now Captures Thread Dump

Starting with this release, StreamBase Studio's Support wizard (in the Help menu) can now also capture and save a thread dump of the Studio JVM to assist in troubleshooting.

Target Router Path Field Added to The Distributed Router Operator

The Target Router Path field has been added to the Distributed Router Operator to specify the fully-qualified path of the Distributed Router to which tuples are routed. This field is optional. The default value is the path of the Distributed Router Operator.

Decision Table Operator Field Now Allows You to Enable Control And Status Ports

The Decision Table operator field now allows you to enable Control and Status ports so that they can be incorporated into the EventFlow. The Enable Control Port and Enable Status Port properties can be used to specify if these ports should be enabled.

TIBCO® Streaming Now Comes With Following New Adapters
  • RTPP (Real Time Payment Protocol) adapter: See the RTPP Adapter page for more information.

  • TIBCO FTL Control adapter: This adapter is used to control the connection to an FTL Realm server and to manage FTL groups within that server. This will help applications to start or stop the subscription from FTL Realm server while keeping the connection. See the TIBCO FTL Control Operator page for more information.

  • Metrics Publishing Adapter: This adapter allows users to define and publish labeled metrics to the Streaming Metrics API. See the Metric Publish Adapter page for more information.

New Warm Start-Up Feature Added to TIBCO® Streaming

The Warm Start-Up feature allows engines running EventFlow fragments to be restarted without recompiling the fragment's EventFlow source code (e.g. sbapp files). Warm Start-Up is disabled by default and needs to be enabled in a StreamBase engine configuration by setting the "recompileBehavior" field to "REUSE" in the "streambase" section of the configuration.

Parallel Region Queue Configuration Settings Added In Studio

This release comes with new parallel region queue config settings in Studio that can be defined per-operator. These settings can already be defined globally in the HOCON configuration but this new feature allows each operator to have its own settings.

Added HTTP/2 Support In Streaming Web Server

Starting with release 11.0.0, TIBCO® Streaming Web Server supports HTTP/2 when SSL is configured.

New StreamBase LDAP Auth Configuration Wizard

A new StreamBase LDAP Auth Configuration Wizard is added in Studio, that assists users with LDAP configuration file generation. This wizard validates entered information with provided server and generates the config file based on this information. You can access this wizard by selecting File>New>Other...>StreamBase LDAP Auth Configuration or right-click on a project and selecting New>Other...>StreamBase LDAP Auth Configuration.

Smaller Memory Footprint For Cloud Use

Starting from this release, the shared memory usage by a node for non-user data has been significantly reduced. Startup shared memory usage, in a 512 megabyte node, has dropped from 184 megabytes (36%) to 44 megabytes (8%).

Remote Administration Over SSH To/From Windows Machines And From/To Linux Or Mac Machines Is Now Supported

Starting from this release, remote administration is supported from any client OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) to any server OS.

The ep-maven-plugin Will Consider Eventflow Sources From src/test/eventflows

Starting with release 11.0.0, ep-maven-plugin will now consider eventflow sources from src/test/eventflows. These will be built and be available for local maven module testing. They will not get shipped in the eventflow fragment archive.

Generated Code Refactoring Default Enabled

Starting with release 11.0.0, code refactoring is always enabled to avoid exceeding Java limits for generated module code.

MQTT LV Recovery Sample is Added

Starting with release 11.0.0, an MQTT LV recovery sample is added. The recovery sample demonstrates elastic scaling with peer-based recovery for message buses that don't provide storage message ids. Both 'perfect' and 'imperfect' recovery is discussed.

LiveView .NET driver now supports Linux

Starting with release 11.0.0, as part of this migration, consuming events in WPF events are now no longer automatically threaded and need to be done by users. The LiveView .NET adapter now packages the StreamBase lite DLL, compared to the previous full StreamBase DLL. LiveView works with both DLL versions.

The lite DLL has the following changes:

  • It works in .NET core/netstandard2.0.

  • It only supports tuple and actions.

  • It reduces date-time parsing options to ISO standard formats.

Connect LiveView Server with TIBCO® Cloud Data Streams (TCDS)

The TCDS provides LiveView server URLs. Follow the steps to get the TCDS stream connectivity URL:

  1. Login to TCDS.

  2. Click on the Connection Info.

  3. Copy the URL in the dialog box.

Get the authentication token from here.

Artifact Management Server (AMS) Does Not Any Have Default Artifact Encoding

The AMS client adapter always forced the content field to have an encoding of ENCODING_ZIP_BASE64 when sent. Starting in 11.0, the content field will have a default encoding of NONE. If zip compression is desired, the encoding field should be set to ENCODING_ZIP_BASE64.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes the following changes in functionality:

No plain text READMEs for samples with HTML READMEs.

Starting with TIBCO Streaming 11.0.0, samples with HTML READMEs no longer include a plain text README. Studio will pick the appropriate format for any sample.

C++ Client API for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 removed

Starting with TIBCO Streaming 11.0.0, support for using the C++ client API from Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 has been removed. Programs that use the C++ client API in Windows should use Microsoft Visual Stuio 2019.

The eFTL LV Recovery Sample now Uses the New eFTL 6.5.0 Storage Message Id

The eFTL LV recovery sample is updated to use the new eFTL 6.5.0 storage message id. This sample demonstrates elastic scaling based on peer-based recovery. The delayed recovery operator is now improved. The previous delayed recovery eFTL sample is removed. The new MQTT sample demonstrates delayed peer recovery for message buses that don't have message ids.

Deprecated and Removed Features

The following features are deprecated or removed as of Streaming 11.0.0.

StreamSQL Deprecated

Stream SQL is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

CentOS Linux 7 and 8 Are Deprecated

Support for CentOS Linux 7 and 8 is deprecated as of Streaming 11. Because Red Hat has declared that CentOS Linux has reached end of life, there will be no security updates. Container or machine builds that relied on CentOS package repositories, such as Docker or Ansible, will not work and must be migrated to other compatible Streaming-supported Linux distributions.

For Streaming, the options are Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, and AlmaLinux. AlmaLinux is the recommended option for container builds like Docker; use the image name almalinux:8.

RHEL 7, Oracle Linux 7 Deprecated

Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Oracle Linux 7 is deprecated and is expected to be removed in a future release.

Windows Releases Before 2016 Deprecated

Support for Windows releases before 2016 is deprecated. Among currently supported Windows releases, Windows 7, 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 are thus deprecated. In Windows 10, support for builds before 1607 is deprecated.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2015, and 2017 Deprecated for .NET Development

Use of these versions of Visual Studio for Streaming .NET client and operator development is deprecated and expected to be removed in a future release. Migration to Visual Studio 2019 is recommended.

JDBC No Longer Supports Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and all versions of Vertica

JDBC support for Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and all versions of Vertica are removed in 11.0.0.

Legacy HA Support Removed

The deprecated legacy HA support is removed in 11.0.0. Operators using the leadership property now report a typecheck error. Upgrade the module to remove this property by making a simple change in the module (e.g., operator name change) and save the module.

Deprecated Support for Interfaces in a Resources Directory

Loading EventFlow from the resources directory is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Eventflow files should all be located into /src/main/eventflow or /src/test/eventflow. Use a qualified module name to reference the module in module references or extension points.

Tuple Serialization Deprecated

With this release, serialization of the abstract class is deprecated.

Manually Enabling of Generated Code Refactoring is Deprecated

Refactoring of codes is enabled by default. Users can not use system properties to force the failed codes to be refactored to work around the Java limits.

Migration and Compatibility

This release contains the following migration and compatibility notes.

Cross-Version Compatibility of Applications/Fragments

This release provides compatibility with application and fragment archives built with these versions:

  • Minimum version 10.5.0

  • Maximum version 11.0.0

Streaming Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 11.0.0 of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 11.0.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 11.0.0 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.6.2.
SB-31500 Earlier, there was no support for remote administration of node life-cycle on the Windows platform. Remote administration over SSH to/from Windows machines and from/to Linux or Mac machines is now supported.
SB-32314 The Distributed Router operator experienced errors while dispatching requests to remote nodes due to a race condition during startup of a remote node. This has been fixed.
SB-47954 When a new version of an artifact is deployed to an operator running in a parallel region or with multiplicity, all instances of the operator are updated with the new artifact. Previously the artifact deployment would fail with an "operator not found" error message.
SB-49861 StreamBase Studio would sometimes trigger a full workspace rebuild prior to a launch. This issue is fixed by ensuring that only what needs to be rebuilt (if anything) is built before a fragment launches.
SB-49982 Typechecking would report errors if resources were located in JAR files or non-StreamBase projects. This issue is resolved by adding all dependencies to the operator resource classpath. Now Studio typechecking can search for resources in all locations on the project's classpath.
SB-50508 The Decision Table operator's decision table would incorrectly fail to load with an error if the decision table contained a condition or action column of type "list of tuple". This has been fixed.