Create a StreamBase Application Project

An EventFlow fragment is one part of a StreamBase Runtime application, which can ultimately be distributed among many nodes and machines. To run an EventFlow fragment at the command line outside of Studio, you must create a separate Studio project for a StreamBase Application. Then, add your EventFlow fragment's archive as a component part of the StreamBase Application.

Follow these steps:

  • In Studio, invoke File>New>StreamBase Project.

  • In the dialog's first panel, enter a name for the project, and select StreamBase Application as the project type. It is a best practice to choose a name for this project that starts with "deploy" to distinguish it from EventFlow and LiveView fragment projects.

  • Click Next.

  • In the Configure Maven Artifact panel, change the value of the Group ID to com.example.deptname to match the Group ID of the fragment you created on Create a New Studio Project.

    You are not required to use the same Group ID for a StreamBase Application project as for its dependent fragment projects, but doing this brings clarity to the process.

    (The Enable Docker Support option is explained in Cloud.

  • Optional. In the third panel, Archetype Properties, to cut down on the number of test instances created and run, edit the testnodes line from its default A,B,C to just A.

    You can also provide a description for this application project, which ends up in the <description> element of the project's pom.xml file.

  • Click Finish.