EventFlow Publish Applications


A LiveView embedded publisher is a StreamBase EventFlow application that runs in the context of LiveView and publishes data to one or more data tables in a LiveView project. The embedded publisher can push data to an existing table without the table needing to be reconfigured.

A publisher differs from a data source in that a data source can only publish to one table (although a table can have multiple data sources). This figure shows a simple data-source model:

This figure shows a simple publisher model:

Publishers have the opportunity to delay the server completing startup until the publishers are ready.

Several publisher samples are available that demonstrate LiveView embedded publishers. Load these samples in Studio and explore their README files to learn more:

  • LiveView Publisher Sample (publisher, no recovery)

  • LiveView EMS Recovery Sample (publisher and recovery)

  • LiveView FTL Recovery Sample (publisher and recovery)

  • LiveView Kafka Recovery Sample (publisher and recovery)

Creating a New Embedded Publisher

Create a new embedded publisher lvconf file using the LiveView Configuration File Editor.