Forms-Based Configuration File Editor

The forms-based LiveView Configuration File Editor is a validating XML editor that is aware of the schema that defines the XML syntax of LiveView configuration files. The editor is the default editor for new and existing lvconf files.

The LiveView Configuration File editor presents the lvconf file under edit as a form with fields to be filled in, in one or more tabs. Edits made in the fields of any tab are automatically reflected in the underlying XML source file. You can view the XML source any time using the Source tab.

The LiveView Configuration File editor reads and stores the same XSD-defined XML format as the text-based editor, but greatly improves and accelerates your ability to create and maintain lvconf files without constant reference to the XSD specification in the LiveView Configuration XML Reference.

Each lvconf type has its own form; when creating a new lvconf file, you specify the lvconf table type, which determines the form to use. For more information about the LiveView Configuration File editor, see LiveView Configuration File Editor Reference.

For features not supported by the LiveView Configuration File Editor editor, use the text-based validating XML editor. To access the validating text-based XML editor directly, select an lvconf file in the Project Explorer view, right-click, and select Open With>LiveView Configuration XML Editor.