LVconf Type: Application


Use the LiveView Configuration File Editor to configure the Application lvconf file type. This lvconf type is generated by the Data Source wizard in the LiveView Project Viewer, along with a Data Table lvconf at the same time.

Application type lvconfs specify the fully qualified name for an EventFlow module in the same LiveView project, and serves as way to register EventFlow modules within the LiveView fragment context. This lvconf type can optionally specify parameters used by the EventFlow module.

Another scenario that requires an Application lvconf is when you develop an EventFlow module outside the context of your LiveView project — that is, without benefit of a Project Viewer wizard — and you now want to copy that module into your LiveView project. You may find that this EventFlow module runs fine in the LiveView project when started by itself as an EventFlow fragment, but the LiveView server does not recognize this EventFlow module when the project is run as a LiveView fragment. In this case, create an Application lvconf as described in Open New, and specify the fully qualified name of the EventFlow module.

The name of the Application lvconf file becomes the name of the StreamBase container in which the module runs. The LiveView compiler places the EventFlow module in a wrapper module named WorkingProcessor to assist with runtime management of the module. Thus at runtime, the EventFlow path to an operator inside a LiveView-hosted EventFlow module is:


If you need to directly address operators in such EventFlow modules, use sbc list -c -C app-lvconf-name to locate the operator of interest.

Application Tab

Select the StreamBase application for this lvconf file from the dropdown list or click Choose to select it.

Select the application parameters to be set by this configuration. The Available module parameters table shows all parameters defined in the currently selected application. Default values are shown in brackets, when defined.

To set a defined parameter (or override its default), select a parameter and click the Add button or double-click a parameter, then enter the desired value.


  • Add all available module parameters without defaults

  • Add all available module parameters

  • Add a parameter not yet defined by the application

Source Tab

The Source tab provides a text-based XML configuration file editor, which is a validating XML editor that is aware of the schema that defines the XML syntax of LiveView configuration files. See Text-Based XML Configuration File Editor for more information.