EventFlow Editor Reference

This topic describes how to use the EventFlow Editor, which you use to design EventFlow modules. By default, StreamBase® Studio places the EventFlow Editor in:

  • The top middle of the SB Authoring perspective.

  • The middle of the right side of the SB Test/Debug perspective.

To view or change preference settings for the EventFlow Editor, select Window>Preferences from the main menu (Windows) or StreamBase Studio 11.1>Preferences (macOS), then StreamBase Studio>Authoring. Preference options are described in Studio Preference Settings.

To open a module into the EventFlow Editor, double-click a module file with .sbapp extension in a project folder in the Project Explorer view. You can also double-click an .sblayout file to open the associated .sbapp file.

To create a new EventFlow module file, use File>New>StreamBase EventFlow™ Module.

The EventFlow Editor has seven tabs on the bottom, each described on its own page, as listed in the Contents above.

The names of the bottom tabs are shown in bold if that tab has any content or changes from the default (other than the Editor bottom tab, which presumably always has content). The following example shows the Editor tab active, but you can see at a glance from the bold font that:

  • There is at least one constant or schema definition or import in the Definitions tab.

  • There are custom settings on the Annotations tab.

  • There is either a module description or a custom icon set in the Metadata tab.