Obtaining Live Server Configuration, Status, and Events

This section describes how to obtain information about the status and performance of a running StreamBase server, and points to sources of such information in StreamBase documentation.

Information Available from the System container

The System Container section of the Administration Guide provides information on:

  • StreamBase Server runtime errors

  • Client connection change events

  • Active subscriptions

  • Container start and stop events

For information on working with system container control streams, see Using Control Stream Features.

Information Available through the Monitoring API

The classes and interfaces to monitor the behavior of a running StreamBase server are defined by package com.streambase.sb.monitor. To access its Javadoc, In the API Guide Contents, click the Java API Documentation link. Data you can obtain via this API include:

  • Module statistics: module task queue, thread name

  • Queue statistics: queue length, queue latency

  • Operator statistics: throughput, size (memory), CPU use

  • Stream statistics: throughput

  • System statistics: memory, number of clients, CPU use

  • JVM Garbage Collection statistics: number of collections, duration of collections

  • Thread statistics: CPU use

Information Available from the StreamBase Monitor Input Adapter

The StreamBase Monitor Input adapter provides StreamBase Server performance and profile statistics to an EventFlow application as tuples on six input ports. The statistics gathered include CPU usage, input and output rates, thread counts, and memory usage. For details and usage information, see StreamBase Monitor Input Adapter in the Adapters Guide.

Information Available from Expression Language Functions

You can obtain information reported by the server by calling:

See the documentation in the Runtime simple function section of StreamBase References for descriptions of these informational functions:

  • getAllHostIPs()

  • get_conf_param()

  • getClientIP()

  • getContainer()

  • getHostName()

  • getLeadershipStatus()

  • getNodeName()

  • getParallelRoot()

  • getPath()

  • getServerURI()