Supported Configurations

This topic describes the hardware and software configurations supported in TIBCO StreamBase® release 7.7.8 and TIBCO® Live Datamart release 2.2.8.

Operating systems

TIBCO StreamBase supports Windows and macOS platforms for development, and supports Windows and Linux platforms for production deployment. MacOS platforms are not supported for build or production servers. In all cases, these are 64-bit platforms running on Intel or AMD x86_64 hardware.

The StreamBase Studio development environment is supported on:

  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows client platforms:

    • Windows 10 Professional

    • Windows 8.1 Professional

    • Windows 7 Professional

  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

  • 64-bit Mac:

    • macOS 10.11 El Capitan

    • macOS 10.12 Sierra**

    • macOS 10.13 High Sierra**

    • macOS 10.14 Mojave***

The StreamBase Server for build or staging deployment and for production deployment is supported on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7*

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6

  • CentOS Linux 7*

  • Oracle Linux 7*

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

On Red Hat platforms, TIBCO supports and recommends Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime for deployments that require low-latency processing.

The StreamBase Server is explicitly not supported for build, staging, or production deployment on:

  • macOS

  • Windows client platforms (as listed above)

In all cases, TIBCO StreamBase supports the latest service packs and operating system updates.


*On RHEL 7, CentOS 7, or Oracle Linux 7, the recommended installation procedure is the archive-bin method. There are known issues when using the RPM installer.

**Users of macOS 10.12 Sierra or later, see Starting StreamBase Studio on macOS Sierra.

***macOS 10.14 Mojave's Dark Mode and similar cosmetic features are not currently supported in Studio due to Eclipse compatibility issues. Also, when first selecting the Open StreamBase Command Terminal Here feature in Studio, you are prompted for permission to control the terminal. This is expected behavior.

Processor Architectures StreamBase runs on Intel and AMD 64-bit x86_64 processors. For all Intel processors, hyperthreading is supported. For Intel and AMD processors, multiple CPU cores are supported and encouraged.
JDK requirements for running applications

StreamBase Studio and the StreamBase Server require an installation of Oracle JDK 8 for both Studio and the Server.

On all supported operating systems, the StreamBase installation kit installs the runtime components of Oracle JDK version 1.8.0_212 in a subdirectory of the StreamBase installation directory, for exclusive use of StreaBase Studio and StreamBase Server.

If you have requirements to use a different JDK, follow these guidelines to select a compatible JDK:

  • JDK 8 is the required minimum Java version to run StreamBase Studio and the StreamBase Server.

  • JDKs 6 and 7 are not supported and cannot be used to run StreamBase or to develop StreamBase extensions.

  • To avoid encountering bugs in older Oracle JDKs, TIBCO strongly recommends using the latest available version, but no version earlier than the one shipped with StreamBase. However, do not install a JDK 8 version earlier than 1.8.0_212.

  • A JRE is not sufficient to run StreamBase applications; you must have a JDK.

  • StreamBase is not supported with gcj, icedtea, or OpenJDK.

JDK Cryptography Features Due to licensing restrictions, the version of the Oracle JDK bundled with TIBCO StreamBase does not contain Elliptical Curve Cryptography functionality (SunEC). This is a feature of Oracle Java, available from a Java Cryptography Architecture provider.

In particular, if your site’s Kerberos server infrastructure uses stronger encryption levels (such as AES-256) than the ones supported by the standard Oracle JDK shipped with StreamBase, you may need to download and install the Java Cryptography Extension Unlimited Strength package from Oracle. Consult with your site's Kerberos administrators for site-specific requirements.

When configuring TLS, TIBCO highly recommends installing a provider such as BouncyCastle or the official Oracle JDK, to enable the modern and generally recommended ECDHE ciphers.

JDK requirements for compiling client applications To compile your own StreamBase Java clients, custom functions, or custom operators with the StreamBase Java Client library, your development host must have Oracle JDK 8. TIBCO recommends that you compile with the same JDK version as the one bundled with your StreamBase installation, described in the previous row.
  Minimum Recommended
StreamBase development:  2 GB 4 GB or more
Live Datamart development:  2 GB 8 GB or more
StreamBase and Live Datamart production:  Determined value*  Determined value* 

*For production servers, determine the appropriate RAM amount from peak-load and volume testing on your staging servers.

Screen resolution To use StreamBase Studio, your monitor's screen resolution should be at least 1280 x 768 pixels. Higher resolution settings and multiple monitor configurations are strongly recommended.
Web browsers Web browsers supported for viewing the online StreamBase documentation, are:
  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

  • Apple Safari 9 or later

There is an exception for the .NET Client API documentation, which is only provided on Windows systems. To view this documentation without complications, you must use Firefox or Internet Explorer 10 or 11. This page of the documentation describes the workarounds available for Webkit-based browsers such as Chrome or Opera.

Disk capacity

On all platforms, expect the installed TIBCO StreamBase directory to require one to two GB.

The installer files require around one GB each, and may require several hundred more MB for temporary files during installation.

Disk use for your application workspace depends on the volume of data that you store. Expect to need another one or two GB.

Perl On Linux and macOS platforms, many of the sb* utilities call Perl. Thus, Perl 5.x or later is required in the PATH on UNIX platforms. Perl is not required on Windows platforms.
Linux compatibility library On newer Linux distributions, the Linux package to support GCC 3.3 compatibility must be installed to support a Thomson Reuters library included with TIBCO StreamBase:
  • For RHEL 6 server, install libXt. For StreamBase Studio support, install the 32-bit versions of compat-libstdc++-33, glibc, libgcc, nss-softokn-freebl, and libXt from the RHEL 6 DVD or ISO image.

External JDBC-compliant databases TIBCO supports interaction with JDBC-compliant (2.0 or later) external databases:
  • Oracle 11g, 12c, 18c

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2017

  • MySQL 5.x

  • Sybase® ASE V12

  • Sybase IQ V12.7

  • Vertica 5.1, 7.0-7.5.5

  • Teradata 15

  • Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics 6.9

StreamBase applications can interact with supported external databases as follows:

  • Your applications can use the JDBC Table data construct in an EventFlow diagram. For details, refer to JDBC Data Source Overview in the Authoring Guide.

  • You can use a table in a JDBC database as a data source for a feed simulation, as described in Feed Simulation with a JDBC Data Source.

  • The Change Data Capture adapter is not covered by this list and has its own list of supported databases.

Native database connectivity TIBCO StreamBase supports interaction with certain databases using a high-performance interface that uses the database vendor's connectivity API instead of JDBC. The event-store database for which StreamBase provides native connectivity support is:
  • Vertica 5.0 or 5.1. For Vertica 5.1 native connectivity, the StreamBase adapter requires the Vertica 4.1 Java client library (vertica_4.1.xx.jdk_5.jar).

Building StreamBase C++ custom functions or clients on Linux and macOS TIBCO StreamBase requires GCC 4.1.x through GCC 4.5 for building C++ clients on Linux. For further information, see Creating C++ Clients in the API Guide.

StreamBase does not support building clients with GCC 4.6 or newer, which are the default compilers on newer Linux distributions. On such distributions, install GCC and G++ 4.5 from your distribution's repository, and set the CC and CXX environment variables before building StreamBase C++ code. For example, set CC=gcc-4.5 and CXX=g++-4.5.

To build C++ clients on macOS, install the latest Xcode version and the Command Line Tools for Xcode released for your macOS version. (These are free downloads, but require an Apple ID.) The Command Line Tools package provides the clang compiler. On macOS, building custom functions are not supported.

Third-party native code (in custom functions, operators and adapters used via JNI) On Windows, if you use third-party DLLs called by TIBCO StreamBase, or third-party JARs that call native DLLs, those DLLs must be built with Visual Studio 2010 or later. This restriction with respect to JNI is a limitation of the Oracle JVM, not a StreamBase limitation.
Building StreamBase C++ custom functions or clients on Windows

To compile C++ StreamBase client applications for Windows, TIBCO StreamBase supports:

  • Visual Studio 2010 (Visual C++ 10.0)

  • Visual Studio 2012 (Visual C++ 11.0)

See Configuring Visual C++ for instructions on configuring your Visual C++ projects for use with the StreamBase C++ API.

Building .NET clients on Windows To develop StreamBase client applications in C# .NET, TIBCO StreamBase supports Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013 for C# development.
.NET framework version requirements To run .NET client applications, the target machine must have the .NET framework 4.0 or later, plus a pair of StreamBase assemblies and supporting DLLs that are installed as part of your StreamBase installation. For target machines that do not have StreamBase installed, you only need to distribute the two assemblies and two Microsoft DLLs along with your .NET client application to run, as described in Deploying .NET Clients.
Python Support The StreamBase Python Client API supports Python 2.6 or 2.7 on Linux and Windows only. For Windows, install a third-party Python distribution such as ActiveState Python. Make sure the python command is in the PATH.
Python Support for Python Operators The TIBCO StreamBase® Operators for Python, and Python Instance are both compatible with the Python versions described in Python Compatibility.
Embedded Adapters

Adapters are programs that convert data to and from the StreamBase tuple protocol.

Embedded adapters execute in the same StreamBase Server process that runs your StreamBase modules. The base TIBCO StreamBase installation includes a large collection of embedded adapters, described in the Adapters Guide.

Most embedded adapters are Java-based, and run on all platforms that support the StreamBase Server. Embedded adapters that make calls to third-party native libraries are restricted to the platforms for which such libraries are provided.

Spreadsheet software

The TIBCO StreamBase® Add-in for Microsoft Excel lets you use a StreamBase or Live Datamart application in combination with an Excel spreadsheet to process tuple data in real time and to display the data dynamically. The Excel Add-in is bidirectional and can both receive data from an application and publish data to a running application.

The Add-in is only supported on Windows platforms. To use it, you must have Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016.

The Add-in is distributed in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions; match these to the bitness of your Microsoft Office installation, not the bitness of your Windows installation.

The Excel Add-in is packaged separately from TIBCO StreamBase. If you have a license for it, you can download, install, and run the Add-in. To acquire a license, contact your TIBCO Sales representative.

TIBCO Rendezvous messages StreamBase supports TIBCO Rendezvous with a set of embedded adapters.

The adapters take advantage of the tibrvj.jar JAR file distributed with your Rendezvous installation. Thus, the StreamBase Rendezvous adapters support the Rendezvous version of the customer-provided JAR file.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces

The StreamBase operators for TIBCO ActiveSpaces support ActiveSpaces 3.0 and later, including 4.x.

StreamBase includes a separate set of legacy operators, now deprecated, to support ActiveSpaces 2 releases, starting with version 2.1.

TERR TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R Developer Edition included with StreamBase is TERR release 4.4. The Developer Edition is licensed for developer evaluation purposes only.

Thomson Reuters RMDS

StreamBase adapters for Thomson Reuters support RMDS 6 infrastructure components. Consult with your TIBCO Software representative for the latest information on Thomson Reuters API support.


Because of limitations in third-party libraries, StreamBase running on 64-bit Linux or 64-bit Windows does not support SASS3 connections to Thomson Reuters RTIC servers.

Apache Hadoop Libraries The Apache Hadoop libraries used by several StreamBase adapters is version 8.2.1.
Apache Kafka components The Apache Kafka adapter suite is built against version 2.1.0 of the Apache Kafka libraries using Scala 2.11.12.
Spark MLlib library version Tested primarily with Spark MLlib version 2.
H2O library version Tested with H2O library version
JPMML library version Tested with JPMML library versions 1.3.7, PMML specification versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.
Google Protocol Buffers library version Tested with library version 3.6.1.
eFTL library version Tested with library version 3.4.0.
MQTT library version Tested with library version 1.2.1.