StreamBase Release Notes

TIBCO StreamBase 7.7

Date: 4 Dec 2019

This page contains the release notes for TIBCO StreamBase® release with internal tracking number 274864.

Before You Install

Before you install TIBCO StreamBase® software:

  1. Read this Release Notes document.

  2. Confirm that your target system matches the hardware and software requirements discussed on Supported Configurations.

  3. Read the Installation Guide.

More Information

  • For a summary of what's new in this release, see New and Noteworthy.

  • If you are new to StreamBase, read Getting Started after installation.

  • See the documentation home page to begin exploring the StreamBase documentation. The StreamBase documentation set is available as part of your StreamBase installation in several ways:

    • In TIBCO StreamBase® Studio, select HelpHelp Contents from the menu. This is the best option, and provides a searchable help system.

    • On Windows, open All ProgramsTIBCOStreamBase n.mStreamBase User DocumentationStreamBase n.m User Guide - HTML

    • From the installed file system, open the documentation home page in a web browser. The default locations are:

      Linux and Solaris
          {customer-specific-folder}/TIBCO StreamBase n.m.x/doc/index.html

      To open the documentation directly to the TIBCO Live Datamart sections, open the file lvindex.html instead.

Customer Support

Contactng TIBCO Support contains information about available support options. You can send us email or get information from your TIBCO representative about our support portal.

Resolved Limitations

The following sections provides lists of errors corrected and features updated in each new and maintenance release of TIBCO StreamBase, in descending release order.

Limitations Resolved in 7.7.x

Fixed in 7.7.8
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.8 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑47325 In previous releases, the Oracle CDC LogMiner adapter would cause a SQL syntax error if no query operations were selected in the adapter properties (such as Insert, Update, and so on). This was fixed, and now the adapter returns a typecheck error if no query operations are selected.
SB‑46654, SB‑30439 Capture fields in the Decision Table operator's input port would cause exceptions in processing command port tuples. This was fixed by retrieving the input port's runtime schema in the operator's init() method.
SB‑46648 OSI PI adapters now correctly mask the password field and also decipher encoded passwords.
SB‑46634 This release fixes a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException issue that could occur with the key file when using the CME iLink adapter.
SB‑46519, CQS‑4810 StreamBase expressions with arbitrary parenthetical nodes are correctly parsed and compiled. However, in some LiveQL query expressions, parts of the query are returned to their string form for additional processing. In some cases, the string form of the expression would be properly formed but have incorrect parentheses which could deliver unexpected results. This was corrected.
Fixed in 7.7.7
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.7 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑46311 Updates would occur after unsubscribing to an item through the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform Subscribe Adapter. This was resolved so that RFA6 no longer incorrectly removes a subscription when a snapshot completes (this was only required for RFA5; RFA5 is no longer supported).
SB‑46216 The CME MDP3 adapter's subscription file would incorrectly pass spaces that users inadvertently added to either side of the file's security description. The security description field is now trimmed before usage.
SB‑46176 The OSI PI adapters were unable to connect to a server that was not configured to be available via UDP. When the adapters failed to connect, a message warned of network or credential errors. Now, the adapters add the server and try to connect if not found during discovery.
SB‑46175 The OSI PI adapters would ignore the Connect on Startup property (when selected) and attempt to connect anyway. This was fixed.
SB‑46202 The HDFS CSV File Writer Output adapter would ignore the User property on file connection at startup. This was fixed.
SB‑46032 A known MQTT defect affected the MQTT Client Publish Adapter when using Quality-of-Service (QoS) level zero (0). QoS 0 now works properly after upgrading the referenced library to 1.2.1.
SB‑45895 The Wikimedia EventStreams Adapter was fixed so that changes made in the adapter's Edit Schemas tab are now correctly reflected in the output stream.
SB‑45058 Previously, the Cassandra operator was unable to convert between StreamBase double and Cassandra decimal data types, and vice versa. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.7.6
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.6 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑45916 The CME iLink Order Routing adapter was producing an unsupported type message on inbound BZ messages. The cause was identified and corrected.
SB‑45642 When you set your MQTT publish or subscribe adapter's automaticReconnect option to true in the sbconf file, the MQTTclient now correctly reconnects automatically and also displays a Reconnect status message when a reconnection occurs.
SB‑45617 Setting a status code on the Web Server Response adapter via the Status Code Field Name property now properly disconnects a WebSocket with that status code. Setting a null status code keeps the websocket active.
SB‑45616 The Web Server Response adapter could consume 100% of the available CPU at idle in some circumstances. This was fixed.
SB‑45563 The MQTT Client Subscribe adapter would filter out inbound topics when matching against a wildcard. This was fixed.
SB‑45362 The WITS adapters were updated to address potential socket communication failures. The adapters now use PureJavaComm version 1.0.2; new reconnection logic was also added.
SB‑45303 The WITSML Log Data Convert adapter would incorrectly assume the logCurveInfo contains an index field. If that field was not present but the mnemonicList field was present instead, the index would become out of order. The adapter now checks for the mnemonicList field in the logData field, and uses that as the column index for the logCurveInfo.
SB‑45280 An issue prevented WITSML write operators from filtering out empty values. This was fixed.
SB‑45362 The WITS adapters were updated to address potential socket communication failures. The adapters now use PureJavaComm version 1.0.2; new reconnection logic was also added.
SB‑45046 Previously, the HDFS File Writer adapter failed to generate the timestamp schema type correctly for the Parquet format. This was fixed.
SB‑44922 The Query operator was incorrectly failing to return all rows when a query was executed, and when the rows only differed in tuple sub-field values. This was resolved.
SB‑43480 Support for feed simulation field name that use escaped identifier syntax was fixed. Such field names now work in Studio's Feed Simulation Editor and the sbfeedsim command.
Fixed in 7.7.5
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.5 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑44748 This release fixes an issue that caused the Diameter adapter message types CEA and CER to incorrectly report the Auth_Application_Id list, when a vendor was not linked.
SB‑44739 The WITSML Trajectory Write operator was not inserting trajectory stations due to lack of UID being passed. The operator now properly uses the UID field.
SB‑44458 This release fixes an exception error from the eFTL adapter that could occur when the adapter tried to subscribe when not connected to the server. The adapter no longer reports an exception if not connected when trying to subscribe. It now reports an error status message that you are not connected and must connect first.
SB‑44310 The Web Input and Web Output adapters can now set a defined context path.
SB‑44240 An issue caused the H2O adapter to fail loading an unsupervised classification model. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.7.4
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.4 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑43899, SB‑29388 When logging off a connection using the FIX adapter with the StreamBase HP FIX engine, adapter was put into a state that prevented the logon command from working when attempting to log on again. This was fixed.
SB‑43848 An issue prevented the Kafka Producer adapter from closing on error, regardless of the option for doing so being set. This was fixed.
SB‑43797 The Kafka Consumer and Producer adapters were fixed to address an issue that prevented suspend and resume behavior from working correctly.
SB‑43566 The Operator.evaluate Java API would previously return a value of zero for data types int, long, double and Boolean if their values were in fact null. This was fixed so that null is returned in these cases.
SB‑43479 An issue caused the JPMML Model Evaluator operator to issue NaN errors when running PMML models containing special characters and spaces in the data field names. The operator now unwraps any field name that uses escaped identifier syntax before trying to compare to any field names in the actual models. This ensures the field names will now match. The unwrapped name now also appears in the log for easier reference.
SB‑43413 All field types were updated on the TERR operator to check for a data index range. Now, a null value is returned when trying to access an index beyond what is in the TERR object.
SB‑43255 The Python operator was failing to correctly read arguments defined in an sbd.sbconf file. This was fixed.
SB‑43161 Previously, MQTT Input adapters using the same shared connection would output messages for all topics — whether they subscribed to the topics or not. Now, each adapter outputs messages only for the topics to which they are subscribed.
Fixed in 7.7.3
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.3 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑43032 Release 7.7.3 fixes a URI parameter encoding issue in the Web Reader Input adapter.
SB‑42764 The WITS adapter typecheck could fail if the stringNullValue adapter configuration option was missing. Now, the adapter no longer emits an NPE error if the WITS adapter configuration is missing that option.
SB‑42746 The Web Reader adapter's status port schema was only set during typecheck and thus was required to be set at initialization, with the runtime version of the schema. As a result, the adapter was not passing capture fields to the error output port. The Web Reader adapter's status port now works correctly with capture fields.
SB‑41775 In cases when the Kafka driver detected a TCP/IP connection drop, the Kafka Consumer adapter would emit an inaccurate warning message describing the cause. The Kafka Consumer now correctly reports the failure error when the adapter exceeds the maximum number of retries.
Fixed in 7.7.2
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.2 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8.
SB‑42604 The StreamBase server process was incorrectly allowing timestamp-related functions in expressions that required pure functions. This was corrected.
SB‑42531 The Web Reader adapter now allows you to override the read and connect timeout values for each request vi the control port.
SB‑42509 StreamBase Studio can pause and appear to hang when dealing with large schemas in the Properties view. To counteract this, set the Boolean system property streambase.ide.streamsbrowser-large-schema-checks to true.
SB‑42507 The Web Reader adapter now outputs the input tuple in the status tuple via the field InputTuple if both the control port and Passthrough Fields are enabled.
SB‑42492 Adapters and operators that use the Hadoop file system can now process lists of lists when using Apache Parquet files.
SB‑42100 The Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real-Time family of adapters were updated so that DATE, TIME, and DATETIME OMM types can now be converted to a tuple with individual time fields (year, month, day, hour, minute, second, millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond) of type int.
SB‑42086 The Spark MLlib Operator sample documentation page was updated to include the correct URL to download the Spark MLlib 1.6.0 binary distribution.
SB‑41836, SB‑41602 The IBM WebSphere MQ Input adapter was updated to only call a commit for each message if the sync point is enabled.
SB‑41816 The Web Reader adapter now handles gzipped data on its error output stream.
SB‑41750, SB‑41749, SB‑41748, SB‑41747 The Bidirectional Socket Reader and Writer adapters now have (1) a new built-in transformer that allows for data transfers in string or blob data format with a fixed or variable length, (2) a new property Byte Order, and (3) a new property Connection Backlog. (4) In addition, a deadlock issue was identified and corrected.
SB‑41670 In previous releases, a decision table using BusinessEvents style expressions required a leading zero for fractional values of type double. For example, MyField > 0.02 was required, and > .02 would produce an error. This restriction was lifted.
SB‑41589 The XML2tuple and tuple2XML operators can now use XSLT to transform the XML into forms more acceptable.
SB‑41487 The OSI Pi Write adapter now correctly converts double to float64 and int to int32.
Fixed in 7.7.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.8 and all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑41209 Under certain conditions, the ActivFeed adapter occasionally issued tuples with invalid stock symbols. This was fixed.
SB‑41173 An NPE issue was fixed in the PMML operator. The operator now checks for null field names in the PMML model and ignores those fields. The operator outputs a debug message when in debug mode with information regarding the null field.
SB‑41052 This release fixes a Web Reader adapter issue to ensure the adapter closes any HTTP REST client connections to remote REST services correctly.
SB‑30990 In some cases, the TERR General operator would fail if no fields were added to the output schema. In particular, if the operator was used in a way that no output is produced, such as when the R script writes to a CSV file, then adding fields to the output schema is not required. To fix this issue, the operator no longer requires an output schema to be defined.
SB‑30937, SB‑30938 An error occurred in the TERR Predict and general TERR operators when the status port was disabled or capture fields were used. This was fixed.
SB‑30897 The Kafka Admin adapter was fixed so it no longer hangs when processing a tuple after the Kafka system experiences a connection drop.
SB‑30834 An XPath namespace option was added to the XML to Tuple operator, to resolve name spaces issues when performing XPath-to-tuple conversion. For more information regarding XPath properties, see XPath Properties Tab.
Fixed in 7.7.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.7.0 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.7 and all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑30578 Release 7.7.0 addresses an issue with the Map operator's Additional Expressions grid, in which, while editing, grid entries could become cross-linked, potentially overwriting each other.
SB‑30304 Setting multiplicity greater than 1 could cause errors in Sequence operators. This was fixed.

Limitations Resolved in 7.6.x

Fixed in 7.6.8
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.8 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑41053 The Digitec D3 Streaming Interface adapter was setting up logging in the init() method and looking for a system property named d3streaming.log4j.configuration. If not found, the adapter would incorrectly override the existing Log4J settings with defaults. The D3 adapter now properly uses the configured Log4J settings.
SB‑30723 An issue prevented the H2O Model operator from setting timing information when the Timing Info option was selected. This was fixed.
SB‑30595 In some cases, after any JMS operator was shut down, the server kept operator-specific threads alive. This was fixed.
SB‑30578 Release 7.6.8 addresses an issue with the Map operator's Additional Expressions table, in which, while editing, table entries could become cross-linked, potentially overwriting each other.
SB‑30553 Under certain scenarios, if a decision table has a condition or action column marked as using StreamBase syntax, the Decision Table operator incorrectly interprets the contents of cells in those columns as having TIBCO BusinessEvents® expressions. This may occur for decision tables contained within Excel files, compared to decision tables in .sbdt format. The issue manifests only when a decision table is loaded from an Excel file present on the file system, not when a decision table is uploaded from the Excel Add-in or downloaded from the TIBCO Artifact Management Server. This was fixed.
SB‑30484 An issue prevented the ActivFeed adapter from simultaneously subscribing to all available data feeds for a given financial exchange. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.6.7
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.7 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑30500 The Web Reader input adapter can now output a tuple with all null values when reading in line by line mode, to signify completion.
SB‑30476 Typechecking was updated for the MQTT Client Publish and Subscribe adapters to fix issue involving an invalid URI check failure.
SB‑30401 An issue prevented some sbconf files from maintaining module-search entries from referenced projects. Now, when a change to the module or resource search path is detected, Studio can run a sbconf synchronization update for all projects that refer to the current project.
SB‑30376 Previously, when an inner module's input stream and its outer module's input stream had a capture field with the same type name, a compilation error would occur. This was fixed.
SB‑30375 A CompileException Unknown variable error caused some applications to fail when run in debug mode. This was resolved.
SB‑30255 Prior to 7.6.7, the mechanism to deploy decision tables from an Artifact Management Server to StreamBase was incompatible with the Decision Table operator. The operator was modified in 7.6.7 to correct this incompatibility.
SB‑30249, SB‑29197 Release 7.6.7 fixes an issue in which importing a schema from XSD would not handle nested tuple fields correctly.
SB‑30156 The TERR operator can experience performance issues when invoked with large lists. 7.6.7 improves the operator's performance when in dynamic mode. Also, the output of any failing script will be added as an INFO log message when a script fails.
SB‑30318 The Kafka Publisher adapter experienced an issue where it would not send the tuple outputs asynchronously when in async mode, which could cause a deadlock in some cases. This was fixed.
SB‑30302 A project created in release 7.6.5 occasionally failed to typecheck, and returned an NPE in 7.6.6. This was fixed, and typechecking now returns a meaningful message instead of NPE.
SB‑30007 Naming a Query operator's group-by fields identical to any of its input fields used to cause errors. This was fixed.
SB‑29990 When loading a feed simulation file, an issue prevented the Feed Simulation Input Adapter to fail to stop or pause properly in some cases. This was fixed.
SB‑29961, SB‑29962 Prior to 7.6.7, the Kafka Consumer adapter was ignoring the buffer size, fetch size, and timeout properties found on the Advanced tab. This was fixed. Also, to prevent the adapter from failing to read messages, a WARN message is now sent when the highWatermark value for the requested topic or partition is higher than the requested offset value.
SB‑29953 In cases where the FTL Publishing Output or the FTL Subscribing Input adapter's configured EndPoint does not exist on the FTL server, the adapter kept creating new clients. Eventually the adapter ran out of possible clients, blocking all new access. This was fixed.
SB‑29904 Prior to 7.6.7, moving or deleting a row from an .sbdt decision table would not renumber the remaining rows. For example, deleting rule 5 out of 10 would not renumber rules 6 to 10 to rules 5 to 9. This was fixed. Now, right-clicking the ID block in the Decision Table editor presents two options: Reorder All Rules By ID, and Reset All Rule IDs.
SB‑29897 A memory leak issue hindered the FTL Map Set Operator's performance. This was fixed.
SB‑29844 The LiveView Query adapter would fail on occasion if the input contained a Capture field. Capture fields now work properly when used in the input schema for the LiveView Query adapter.
SB‑29719, SB‑29539 Setting a decision table version number in StreamBase Studio prevented the Artifact Management Server's API from retrieving those version numbers. The version field was removed from the StreamBase Decision Table editor. For backward compatibility, opening existing decision tables written with older versions of the Decision Table editor or with the Microsoft Excel add-in that contain a version number is still supported.
SB‑29296 The Decision Table Analyzer's Date and Time picker was improved to address numerous usability issues.
SB‑29189 An issue was fixed where the JMS configuration editor would erroneously report classpath warnings when running the Test Connection operation.
SB‑29079 The Decision Table editor in Studio failed to retain list types for any element, when creating StreamBase decision tables in .sbdt format. A List Type check box was added to the Add Column dialog to enable list retention.
SB‑29056 An issue prevented entering timestamps into a running Decision Table EventFlow module when using the Manual Input view. This was fixed to allow timestamp entry in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD hh-mm-ss.
Fixed in 7.6.6
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.6 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑29921 The HDFS File Writer adapter caused an NPE when the default file name was selected and the serialize type was set to Avro. This was fixed.
SB‑29890 The Map Set operator for FTL was raising an error when the FTLLockMap field was not null. This was fixed.
SB‑29817 The Bi-Directional Socket Input/Output adapter, when set to server mode, attempted to connect back to any clients that had disconnected. This was corrected.
SB‑29771 An issue in the shutdown logic caused the UDP Receiver adapter to block sbd shutdown. This was resolved.
SB‑29722 The HDFS File Writer allows setting a user either in the Properties view or via the incoming tuple (which overrides the Properties value). When the serialize type was set to Parquet, the user field was not working properly and instead the current system user was used. This was fixed.
SB‑29680 And issue prevented the JMS Connect operator from outputting connected messages on the status port. The JMS Connect operator now always outputs a CONNECTED status message when the connection is successful.
SB‑29661 An issue caused the XML to Tuple operator to handle the BOM character at the start of a file incorrectly. BOM characters are now removed before performing XML operations.
SB‑29599 Prior to StreamBase version 7.6.6, the decision table operator could incur the following exception during the processing of an input tuple if one of its fields was of type tuple and had the same name as the named schema for that field: "Evaluation exception: Reference to multiply defined field in Decision Table operator." This was fixed.
SB‑29590 An NPE could occur on the Bloomberg B-Pipe adapter if Market List Snapshow or Reference Data option ports were disabled and their associated command was executed. This was fixed. Also, users will now receive a warning message in the logger, as well as a status port message.
Fixed in 7.6.5
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.5 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑29595 The response message from the Bloomberg B-Pipe Input adapter was not helpful in cases where a market list snapshot request failed. The adapter was updated to provide error log information in this case.
SB‑29588 The File Writer adapter was emitting an exception on startup if the control port was not enabled. This was corrected.
SB‑29565 The Kafka Admin adapter incorrectly rejected broker commands when the Topics port was disabled. This was fixed.
SB‑29430 Previously, the intersect() and has_intersection() functions only worked on list(string). This was corrected such that both functions now work on ANY list type, as documented, as long as the two lists in the argument list are of the same type. For example, if the first list is a list of string, the second must also be a list of string.
SB‑29396 Under certain conditions when streambase.codegen.allow-refactoring was set to true and when using applications that have very large schemas, the application would fail to compile with a JaninoRuntimeException. This was fixed.
SB‑29206, SB‑29200 Release 7.6.5 fixes a deadlock issue that could occur when making remote container connections between StreamBase servers. Remote container connections are implemented internally using StreamBase-to-StreamBase adapters and these were making synchronous connections. The deadlock was fixed by requiring the adapter to use an asynchronous connection.
Fixed in 7.6.4
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.4 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.6.
SB‑29243 An issue prevented the copy, cut, and paste functionality from working in the Decision Table Editor. This was fixed.
SB‑29233 Release 7.6.4 fixes a problem in the JMS Configuration Editor that caused updates to the server connection type to be dropped occasionally when toggling between JNDI and Direct.
SB‑29196 An error in the HBase Scan Operator caused an NPE in cases where the schema did not include tuple top level items. Typecheck now correctly ensures that the user-defined schema must have only tuples at the top level.
SB‑29195 Previously, the Import proposed schemas hyperlink on the HBase Admin operator's Properties view was not importing sub-schemas properly. This was resolved, such that both the main and sub-schemas are now imported.
SB‑29194 An issue prevented the MQTT Client Publish adapter from copying the input tuple's binary data when set up to send data as a blob. This was corrected.
SB‑29154 The Kafka Producer adapter was not correctly handling custom serializer settings. This was fixed.
SB‑29146 The XML to Tuple and Tuple to XML operators were failing to process tuples containing capture fields. The XML operators now work correctly when using passthrough fields that contain capture fields.
SB‑29115 Previously, an issue caused the FIX adapter, and all adapters inherited from the FIX adapter, to pass duplicate tags. This was fixed.
SB‑29109 The Bidirectional Socket adapters were providing inaccurate typecheck error messages when running Custom Data Transformer applications. The adapters were updated to provide more informative error messages during typecheck.
Fixed in 7.6.3
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.3 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.5.
SB‑29129 A problem was fixed in the EventFlow Debugger where, at a breakpoint, Query Tables listed in the <Tables> node of the Variables view could not be toggled open if any of the Query Tables had a large number of rows. The toggle triangles before the names of such tables were missing. With this fix, all Query Tables can be toggled open, regardless of the number of rows in the tables.
SB‑29039 Previously, passing literal nulls as an argument to Java functions caused an NPE. This was fixed, such that a typecheck error now occurs instead.
SB‑29807 When using the StreamBase JUnit feature, code generated to run the test was not correctly escaping quotes in JSON strings. This was fixed.
SB‑29008 The CSV Reader adapter could go into an infinite read loop when reading CSV files that had invalid lines at the end of the file. This was resolved.
SB‑28980 In previous releases, an error caused the Trading Component Framework's handler for DB Rapid Market to order the depth of book prices incorrectly. This was corrected.
SB‑28894 The ActiveSpaces Listen operator has an input stream schema with a required field, listenerID. Previous releases failed to document this field, even though it is shown being used in the ActiveSpaces sample. As of this release, this field is now documented both in the ActiveSpaces operator's page and in comments in the sample.
SB‑28822 The CSV Writer adapter was not correctly passing the input control tuple to the event port. This was resolved.
SB‑28777 The Web Reader adapter did not properly handle the 404 error code. This was fixed.
SB‑26899 In previous releases, the Vertica Load adapter was not correctly included with Mac OS X installations of StreamBase. This was corrected.
SB‑25630 In previous releases, included sbconf files containing sections that required merging with upper-level sbconf sections did not have their enciphered values deciphered. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.6.2
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.2 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.5, and the release 7.4 series through 7.4.5.
SB‑28723 The TERR Operator was updated to automatically insert quotes around strings used as timestamps.
SB‑28715 Previously, instances of one of the bidirectional socket adapters in client mode experienced issues reconnecting to StreamBase Server. Starting with this release, the bidirectional socket now tries to automatically reconnect on failure. If you send a disconnect command, the retry does not occur. This fix affects all adapters with Bidirectional Socket in their names.
SB‑28699 In earlier releases of the .NET operator, an error caused garbled characters to appear when StreamBase received a string of encoded byte data. The cause was detected and resolved.
SB‑28694 In previous releases, the UDP adapter packet size was set to 5K bytes. In release 7.6.2, an option was added to allow the UDP receiver to set the packet size.
SB‑28677 In previous releases, the CSV Socket Reader adapter would generate an error if the String Quote Character property was not set. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.6.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.1 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.5, and the release 7.4 series through 7.4.5.
SB‑28692 In release 7.6.0, a build error prevented the standalone StreamBase Manager program from launching on 64-bit Windows. This cause was detected and resolved.
SB‑28683 In release 7.6.0, a build error prevented the .NET operator sample, and certain other .NET related features, from running correctly. This issue was resolved.
SB‑28658 In release 7.6.0, a required third parameter was added to the control port for the StreamBase Feed Simulation adapter, but this caused problems for certain LiveView-related programs that were not expecting the parameter. As of 7.6.1, this adapter now has an optional File Name Field property that is disabled by default.
SB‑28646 In previous releases, you could pass an empty value in a module parameter in outer modules by using two quotes (""), and this empty value was successfully passed to inner modules. Recent 7.4.x releases changed this behavior. As of release 7.6.1, empty parameters in outer modules were once again successfully passed to inner modules.
SB‑28593 In previous releases, the percentile() function in the StreamBase expression language was restricted to having a fixed maximum number of tuples. This could cause obscure IndexOutOfBoundException errors when the containing Aggregate operator handled more than 10,000 tuples. This was corrected, such that the maximum is now calculated as a percentage of the available JVM memory, as long as the maximum number of bytes used by one Aggregate operator does not exceed integer.MAX_VALUE, or 2,147,483,647.
SB‑28545 In previous releases, the StreamBase Feed Simulation adapter could exit in a Null Pointer Exception error if the feed simulation's schema included a list. This was corrected.
SB‑28529 The Web Server Request adapter, when configured to handle web socket requests, was updated to produce the actual URI, URL, headers, cookies, and parameters fields in the output. Under these conditions previously, the adapter was copying these settings as specified in the Properties view.
SB‑28051 In previous releases, a Classcast Exception error could result at runtime when using any capture field in a Gather operator's input stream. This was fixed.
Fixed in 7.6.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 7.6.0 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 7.5 series through 7.5.4, and the release 7.4 series through 7.4.5.
SB‑28498 An issue where the Application Output view would fail to expand a list element that contained a file with null value was corrected.
SB‑28447 A possible Null Pointer Exception could occur when using a group-by field in the Additional Expressions tab of a Query operator. This was fixed.
SB‑28325 Previously, running the EventFlow trace debugger on a module having at least one Query Table could result in an Unable to parse trace metadata file error. The cause was identified and corrected.
SB‑28312 Studio would fail to open the JMS Configuration Editor when requested from an operator's Properties view if an XML editing session for one of the project's sbconf files was already open. Such requests were referred to the XML editing session. This no longer occurs, and, although it is against best practice, you can now have an XML editing session and a JMS Configuration Editor session open at the same time on the same sbconf files.
SB‑28298 Calling aggregate functions with aggregate functions as arguments was not reported as an error. These conditions now result in an error message.
SB‑28254 Using a Join operator with at least one of the input streams carrying an empty schema would cause an internal error. This was fixed.
SB‑28201 The new JMS Configuration Editor introduced in release 7.5.4 to support the new JMS and EMS adapters had its JMS versus EMS support determined by whether it was first opened from a JMS or EMS adapter's Properties view. This could inadvertently let an EMS adapter select a JMS provider. This behavior was corrected so that a dialog now warns you of the mismatch under the same circumstances.
SB‑28187, SB‑28174 The Copy Schema From dialog was updated to correctly import XML Schema (.xsd) files that define a list of tuples and importing from XML files was corrected and improved.
SB‑28162 Running StreamBase Server as a Windows service would leave behind many temporary directories whose names begin with sb-bindir* or sbdata-*. This was fixed.
SB‑28146 When using the HBase adapters, a lock issue could arise with the connect status message when using connect on startup. This was corrected.
SB‑28137 In previous releases, passing an expression to eval() that returned a tuple whose schema is different from the expected schema would result in ArrayIndexoutOfBound exceptions. This was corrected such that the same conditions now result in an error message reporting that the schemas don't match.
SB‑27990 Previously, using the API call DataType.forType(new BasicFunction(null, null, null, null ,null)) returned DataType.CAPTURE. This was corrected to return DataType.FUNCTION.
SB‑27924 In previous releases, custom Java operators or adapters that chose to reuse tuples could result in corrupted data in inner fields. This was corrected.
SB‑27694 In previous releases, there were circumstances in which Studio or locally run StreamBase Server would leave behind a number of temporary directories in the system TMP directory, whose names all began with sb-bindir. The cause was identified and corrected.
SB‑27402 The interface was added to the Java Client API in release 7.4.0 to allow StreamBase JUnit tests to be devised for EventFlow modules with time sensitive operators such as a Metronome or an Aggregate operator with a time-based window. In 7.4.x and 7.5.x releases, this interface worked with a subset of operators. As of 7.6.0, the interface was updated and corrected to work with all time sensitive operators. Adding this updated support incidentally corrected a number of outstanding TimeService related issues. See API Changes for further details.
SB‑27198 In previous releases, when you tried to call functions that returned information on the state of the running module in an operator's property field, you could get compilation errors. Functions in this category include getPath(), getContainer(), getParallelRoot(), and so on. This was corrected.
SB‑26242 Previously, overriding a submodule's parameter with constants from the calling module would cause a typecheck exception. This was fixed.
SB‑25591 In previous releases, calling a null object as a function could cause operand-stack-underrun errors. This was fixed.
SB‑25215 Previously, logical OR expressions with null == null on the right hand side could cause bytecode verification errors. This was fixed.

Resolved in Previous Releases

See the StreamBase Release Note Archives for the list of issues resolved in previous releases.

Known Limitations

This section describes known limitations in the current release of TIBCO StreamBase®. Each item includes a tracking number, description, and whenever possible, one or more workarounds.

Known limitations for using the EventFlow debugger are described separately, in the Limitations, Tips, and Tricks section of the Using the EventFlow Debugger page.

SB‑45645 HPFIX engine's underlying B2Bits API needs Trove 3.0.3.
Description The HPFIX engine's underlying B2Bits API needs Trove 3.0.3 (an LGPL open source library) to run. This file must be installed to your HPFIX kit, which is needed at runtime (but not build time).
Workaround Download and install the Trove 3.0.3 file into your EventFlow application as needed.
SB‑45447 QuickFIX engine does not send Reject on bad checksum or length.
Description The behavior is that an error message is reported, but no FIX Reject(3) message is sent back, so the received FIX message is dropped, resulting in data loss with no automated or timely application-layer way to respond or recover. This appears to be due to an open QuickFix/J bug.
Workaround Since the error only appears in the console log, monitor the console output for this error and see if the problematic message can be identified to trigger a programmatic FIX Reject response managed at the application level. To do so, use a logging pattern-matching appender to write into a file watched by the CSV File Reader in tail mode. Alternatively, you can use the TIBCO StreamBase High-Performance FIX Engine, which is available as a separate product.
SB‑30948 Trouble using the TERR operators on macOS.
Description On macOS, EventFlow modules that use the TERR operators fail to start even when using the Use Embedded TERR check box. This includes the TERR operator samples shipped with StreamBase.
Workaround TERR requires extra configuration steps on macOS, compared to Windows and Linux. These steps are detailed in the "Operating System Configuration for TERR" sections of the pages that describe the TERR Operator and the TERR Predict Operator.
SB‑29576 Web Server Request adapter in Maven builds needs a certain jetty.jar
Description When building a StreamBase application with Maven, where the application uses the Web Server Request adapter, the wrong version of the required Jetty JAR file is selected by default.
Workaround The StreamBase distribution includes two versions of the Jetty JAR file for different purposes. Configure your Maven POM file to require the Jetty JAR file shipped in $STREAMBASE_HOME/lib/ext for use with this adapter.
SB‑29275 In 7.5.x, features using .NET require JDK 7.
Description The 7.5.x release series ships with an embedded JDK 7 version. All .NET functionality in StreamBase, including the OSIsoft PI adapter, work fine in 7.5.x with a JDK 7 version. However, if you configure StreamBase 7.5.x to use an external JDK 8, .NET functionality fails.
Workaround The 7.6.x release series ships with an embedded JDK 8 version, and all .NET functionality was updated to work with JDK 8 on that series. If you must use both JDK 8 and a StreamBase .NET feature, TIBCO recommends upgrading your StreamBase installation to the latest 7.6.x release.
SB‑29050 Error when debug stepping into or stepping over a Decision Table operator.
Description When using EventFlow debugging, stepping into or over a Decision Table operator is not supported.
Workaround Set your breakpoints upstream or downstream. Also, consider using the features of the Decision Table Analyzer to get a debug-like view of how the operator responds to different input tuples.
SB‑28856 Deleting decision table rows does not re-number rule IDs
Description When using the Decision Table editor to delete and then add a new decision table rule, the rule ID does not renumber. For example, by deleting row 5 and adding a new row, the rule ID numbering is now 1...4, 6.
Workaround None.
SB‑28669 Error message: Grows beyond 64KB.
Description In rare cases, compiling small StreamBase applications can produce an error message containing the words Grows beyond 64KB.
Workaround Contact TIBCO StreamBase Technical Support for a workaround for this issue.
SB‑28598 Multi-container StreamBase applications cannot use the same ActiveSpaces metaspace.
Description StreamBase applications deployed with multiple containers receive metaspace already exists errors when attempting to connect to the same TIBCO ActiveSpaces metaspace from different containers.
Workaround None.
SB‑28452 Delta stream arc limitations in the EventFlow Debugger.
Description If a delta stream arc is a direct connection between a Query Table and an Output Stream, and if that arc has a Debugger breakpoint, the breakpoint is not hit at during debugging with the EventFlow Debugger. Similarly, while debugging, stepping over to try to reach that arc does not suspend on that arc.
Workaround Insert a no-op Map operator between the Query Table and the Output Stream. Then a breakpoint on the arc between the Query Table and the Map does work, and stepping over reaches that arc as well.
SB‑27517 sbd --eval treats initial hyphen as an sbd option on Windows
Description In the rare case that you have an expression to evaluate at the Windows Command Prompt with sbd --eval where (a) the expression to evaluate begins with a hyphen, such as a math expression '-2+5', and (b) you use single quotes instead of double quotes, then sbd interprets the initial hyphen as the start of another sbd option.
Workaround 1. Rewrite your expression to avoid the initial hyphen. 2. Use double quotes instead of single.
SB‑27488 Runtime exception when using Drools operator with sbd under Java 8.
Description StreamBase applications containing Drools operators may compile under Java 8 but fail with a wrong class format exception when they run.
Workaround Run the application under Java 7.
SB‑27278 Custom timestamp formats for the sbc command may produce unexpected results or fail on Windows.
Description On Windows, the C++-based sbc command returns different results compared to the Java-based jsbc command for certain custom timestamp formats, such as %F (which on Windows needs to be %Y-%m-%d) and %z (which returns a time zone identifier instead of its offset), and might return an error.
Workaround Use Windows-specific formats in the few cases where format string options differ from OS X and Linux formats.
SB‑27096 Standalone Help Viewer and sbhelp not provided.
Description Starting with StreamBase 7.5.0, the standalone Help Viewer on Windows, and the sbhelp utility on OS X and Linux, no longer function. The move to Eclipse 4.4 as a base for StreamBase Studio caused complications that were solved for Studio, but not for the Help Viewer.
Workaround Use the Eclipse Help provided as part of StreamBase Studio, or the website version of the documentation, as described in Using the Help System
SB‑26629 RPM installation method issues on RHEL 7
Description StreamBase and Live Datamart are supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.x. The archive installer is the recommended installation method. If you use the RPM installation method, RHEL 7 issues several warning messages during installation that complain about file removal failures, and issues an overall warning that RHEL 7 "may not be compatible with this version of StreamBase."

Despite these warnings, the installation does succeed. The only consequence is that rpm -e fails as an uninstallation method.

Workaround Remove StreamBase directories manually to uninstall an RPM installation on RHEL 7. Otherwise, all StreamBase and Live Datamart processes run as expected on RHEL 7.
SB‑26927 <MyNamedSchema> is not a function that can be called error.
Description In compiling the updating expression for a dynamic variable where the expression references a named schema, if a field in the tuple presented by the updating stream also has the same name as the named schema used in the expression, the field is instead evaluated as a function. This raises the error <MyNamedSchema> is not a function that can be called. This compilation behavior and language ambiguity was introduced with the function data type in StreamBase 7.4.0.
Workaround The required migration step is to rename either the field or the named schema to eliminate the ambiguity.
SB‑26627 Exception when exporting application bundle from StreamBase Studio with FileExport
Description Exporting an application bundle in StreamBase Studio can raise a class loader error, preventing the operation.
Workaround Run all the apps in the project before exporting the bundle from StreamBase Studio. If that fails, use the sbbundle command line tool to export the bundle.
SB‑26237 Constant definitions used as component properties are not used at runtime.
Description StreamBase Studio properly typechecks defined constants when used in operator properties, but at runtime substitutes their names instead of their values.
Workaround Do not use defined constants when specifying operator properties.
SB‑26017 Asynchronous timeouts for Gather operators in parallel applications can be inaccurate
Description High availability applications that include Gather operators may incorrectly compute timeout intervals because the operator relies on now() instead of calling out to the parallel scheduling service.
Workaround None
SB‑25527 Extension points cannot be externally configured for deployed .sbar files.
Description It is currently not possible to configure extension points for precompiled StreamBase applications deployed as .sbar files. Attempting to do so raises the error: SBAR file for container <name> is itself made from a deploy file.
Workaround None
SB‑25403 Tuple IDs returned by sbc readTable all contain zero.
Description The sbc readTable -v command displays tupleid=0 for all tuples retrieved from a query table, rather than a sequence of numeric values.
Workaround To obtain sequential values for tuple IDs, run StreamBase server in a Java 8 environment.
SB‑23835 Command line bundler does not find JUnit jar
Description When referenced by the usual Eclipse JUnit library, the junit.jar is not found by the bundler from the command line using the -P option.
Workaround Manually add junit.jar (from %STREAMBASE_HOME%\lib) as an external .jar reference in StreamBase Studio (not to the .sbconf file) to enable the command-line bundler to find it on the build path. Also add rfa.jar from %STREAMBASE_HOME%\lib\bootext in the same way.
SB‑23741 Studio crashes on older 32-bit Linux distributions.
Description A reported Eclipse bug causes Studio to crash on 32-bit Linux when attempting to render a non-empty EventFlow application. This problem is seen with 32-bit RHEL 4 and SuSE 10 distributions, and only with Studio 7.3.0 or later, where the base Eclipse installation is 3.8.
Workaround Try using a 64-bit version of the same distributions, where this problem does not occur.
SB‑22297 Commented-out error input streams consume error tuples.
Description An error input stream, despite being disabled with the EventFlow comment-out feature, still catches errors thrown, but consumes any incoming errors and fails to pass them on.
Workaround To temporarily disable error streams, copy them to a placeholder module and remove them from the active module.
SB‑21843 In the TableAccessor API, ClassCastException is thrown if not using a Tuple from TableAccessor#createRow.
Description If methods in the interface that accept a Tuple are not provided a Tuple retrieved from TableAccessor#createRow, a ClassCastException may be thrown by the API.
Workaround Always use TableAccessor#createRow when using TableAccessor API methods.
SB‑21107 Problems using activemq-all.jar.
Description Projects that include references to the activemq jar file may not load slf4j or exhibit other classpath problems.
Workaround Replace the actviemq library with the individual jar files provided by for activemq, which are listed at
SB‑20449 Display issues with years before 2 AD.
Description The timestamp data type can hold timestamp values in the range -(2^62) to (2^62)-1, and can successfully display any future date in the next 146 million years and any past date to around year 2 AD. However, the year value for dates earlier than 2 AD may not display correctly.
Workaround None.
SB‑18294 Union operator: sub-field order of tuple fields must match with strict options.
Description When using the Union operator with its Strict union or Declared schema options, the order of sub-fields of tuple fields must match exactly. This is in contrast with the default Loose union option, where strict sub-field ordering is no longer required.
Workaround None.
SB‑18189 Some Windows UI themes fail to render borders.
Description On some Windows UI themes, such as the Windows XP Classic theme, some UI elements are drawn without a border. This affects the JDBC SQL text box of the Query operator, among others.
Workaround Try a different Windows theme.
SB‑17414 Order of layout parameters changed one time after import into 6.5 or later.
Description When importing an EventFlow module created with StreamBase 6.4 or earlier into StreamBase 6.5 or later, some layout parameter lines may shift positions in the .sblayout file (or .sbapp file if you do not use separate layout files). This may affect difference comparisons or version control systems.
Workaround The reordering of layout parameter lines is a one-time occurrence after the first save in StreamBase 6.5 or later. Thereafter, these lines are stored consistently with each save.
SB‑16594 Extract as Module feature copies items instead of importing them.
Description The Extract as Module feature makes a copy of the source module's definitions and named schemas, and places the copies in the newly created module. Best practice would be to import those features from the source module to the new module, and to copy all imports from the source to new modules.
Workaround After using Extract as Module, manually convert the copied definitions and named schemas to imports.
SB‑16555 Doubled menu items in Windows Start menu.
Description The Start menu should be cleared when a previous StreamBase release is uninstalled, so that you only see menu entries for the most recently installed release. However, on systems with more than one StreamBase release installed (such as releases 6.4 and 6.5), the uninstaller can sometimes fail to remove the old entries from the Start menu. In previous releases, this was not an problem, because the new installer (for, say, 6.5.3) would simply overwrite the same entries for the previously installed release (say, 6.5.1).

However, starting with release 6.5.4, the StreamBase installer now adds the release number to Start menu entries for the StreamBase Command Prompt and for links to documentation. If an uninstaller fails to clean up the Start menu for a previous 6.5 release, you may see both old and new style links.

Workaround Uninstall the most recently installed release (such as 6.5.4). Manually remove its entire Start menu folder (such as Start(All) ProgramsStreamBase 6.5), then reinstall the new release.
SB‑14862 Custom Java operators and adapters cannot include their own janino.jar.
Description The StreamBase Server executable, sbd[.exe], incorporates a customized version of the Janino libraries that include bug fixes that have not yet been absorbed by the Janino project. If you attempt to include the standard janino.jar implementation of Janino as part of a custom operator or adapter, that JAR file conflicts with the version embedded in sbd.
Workaround Call Janino as part of StreamBase's server.jar, or see for public access to StreamBase's Janino bug fixes.
SB‑14239 Recordings in Studio fail to play back against streams with imported schemas.
Description Since release 6.4.0, applications can use the Module Imports feature of the EventFlow Editor's Definitions tab to import schemas. If you use the Studio Recordings view to record the operation of such an application, it fails to play back.
Workaround Create a local copy of the imported schema in the application module that contains the stream, and specify the copy for use by the stream. Then re-record the application.
SB‑14133 sb-config --cxx returns a setting for G++ 4.3, 4.4, or 4.5 on newer Linux distributions
Description On Linux, in StreamBase samples that build C++ code, some of the example Makefiles show sb-config --cxx as the correct usage to determine the G++ compiler to use. On newer Linux distributions, this command returns the distribution's default G++ 4.3, 4.4, or 4.5 compiler, which is not supported for building StreamBase client code, and sb-config does not honor the CC and CXX environment variables.
Workaround On such systems, install GCC and G++ 4.2, and edit the Makefiles to specify CXX=g++-4.2.
SB‑13398 Filter operators with very large predicate settings may result in a runtime EvalException error.
Description Filter operators with several output ports and complex expressions to evaluate for each port may result in a error when attempting to run the application that contains such a filter.
Workaround Add another Filter operator and split the predicate settings between the two Filter operators.
SB‑13303 Reuters RFA Configuration File wizard appears to not connect under Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Description Under Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can run the Reuters RFA Configuration File wizard, but the wizard's Test Connectivity page shows a red X and the Test Connection button remains dimmed.
Workaround This wizard makes changes to the Windows registry, and under the Vista and Windows 7 security model, registry changes require administrator permissions. For these operating systems, use the procedure described in Special Steps for Windows Vista, 7 and 10.
SB‑13113 Application output view does not display UTF-8 characters.
Description Both StreamBase Server and StreamBase Studio are fully capable of processing and displaying Unicode character sets, but neither is set to do so by default.
Workaround Follow the instructions in Unicode Support to configure StreamBase Server, Studio, and any StreamBase client applications to process the UTF-8 character set.
SB‑13021 JDBC database errors related to string lengths.
Description Due to the removal of string lengths in StreamBase as of release 6.3, some static checking of JDBC table sizes is no longer possible. This can lead to database-specific errors, possibly including data truncation, if a StreamBase application attempts to insert into a JDBC table string values that are too wide for the JDBC table's schema.
Workaround None.
SB‑12824 Java and C++ format doubles differently.
Description When displaying integer-like values of type double, Java code outputs the value with a decimal point and zero appended (34.0), whereas C++ code outputs the same value without those features (34). Thus, the same double values output to stdout with sbc dequeue and jsbc dequeue are formatted differently.
Workaround None.
SB‑12401 Clients connecting to sbproxy with misconfigured SSL may hang.
Description Client applications attempting to make a secure connection to StreamBase Server by means of the sbproxy server may hang if the client or server is not configured to support SSL.
Workaround Carefully review your SSL configuration setup.
SB‑12136 On 32-bit Windows, some third-party applications can interfere with StreamBase Server starting.
Description In recent releases, StreamBase Server is started by default with a requested maximum memory size of 512 or 1024 MB. Certain third-party applications, including Apple's Bonjour program, load themselves in the middle of available RAM, which can prevent StreamBase Server from reserving a contiguous block of memory.
Workaround You can (1) reduce StreamBase Server's maximum memory size request by adjusting the server configuration file as described in Java VM Memory Settings, (2) remove the competing program, such as Bonjour, or (3) upgrade to a supported 64-bit platform.
SB‑11964 Case-sensitive Unicode regular expressions require Java 1.6.
Description When running StreamBase with Java 1.5, with Unicode support enabled as described in Unicode Support, the regexmatch() expression language function behaves as if an ignore-case option was enabled.
Workaround To have both case-sensitive regular expressions and Unicode support, you must run StreamBase with Java 1.6, which is the default JDK shipped with StreamBase.
SB‑11245 RFA/Java Configuration: Test Connection sometimes fails with RTIC servers.
Description The RFA/Java Configuration Wizard and Reuters Schema Designer, under certain conditions when used with an RTIC server, fail to access the server. This occurs when using the Configuration Wizard's Test Connection button and the Schema Designer's Discover Services and Start FIDs Lookup tools.
Workaround None needed. Despite the reported connection failures, the RFA/Java configuration file generated by the wizard is valid and usable by the Reuters RMDS subscribing adapter.
SB‑11117 Test Editor might not update changes in an open Feed Simulation file.
Description If a StreamBase Feed Simulation file is modified while a Test Editor is open that references that feed simulation, the Test Editor may not update its contents until it is closed and reopened.
Workaround Close the Test Editor before editing a Feed Simulation file referenced in the test.
SB‑10983 Reuters RFA Publishing Adapter not shipped for Linux
Description Because of a change in C++ libraries, the Reuters RFA Publishing external adapter is not shipped for Linux in StreamBase 6.x or 7.x.
Workaround Use the new Reuters RMDS Publishing embedded adapter.
SB‑10792 The Query operator converts a JDBC data type differently when using explicit schemas than when using database data types.
Description When explicit schemas are used, the Query operator does not use database metadata to determine the mapping between JDBC data types and StreamBase data types. The JDBC data type Types.TIME is normally converted to an interval timestamp since it has a time, but no date component. But when explicit schemas are used, there is no database type information, so Types.TIME is converted to an absolute timestamp.
Workaround None.
SB‑10486 Hierarchical data restrictions.
Description Patterns by value do not support using the tuple data type for their on-value portion. Similarly, tuple subfields cannot be used as the index or primary key of a Query Table.
Workaround Design schemas so that the intended sort field or key is a top-level numeric or timestamp field, as described in StreamBase Pattern Matching Language.
SB‑10363 No StreamBase data type corresponding to Sybase timestamp.
Description When used with Sybase data sources, StreamSQL fails to convert timestamps, resulting in typecheck errors. This is because the Sybase timestamp is based on the Sybase varbinary data type.
Workaround In StreamSQL code that will be used for Sybase data sources, use the Sybase datetime data type instead of timestamp.
SB‑8640 Java Operator with zero inputs does nothing.
Description While it is not an error to create a Java operator with zero input ports, the processTuple method will never be called, and thus the Java operator can never emit any tuples.
Workaround None.
SB‑8297 Files edited outside StreamBase Studio are not refreshed in Studio automatically.
Description For .sbapp and .sbfs files that were created using StreamBase Studio and are still open in Studio, modifications made using an external editor are not automatically refreshed in the current Studio Editor session.
Workaround If edits are made outside of Studio and you now want to use the latest file, right-click the project that contains the changes you made and select Refresh.
SB‑7148 Invalid byte error when opening EventFlow application.
Description Studio sometimes fails to open an EventFlow application with this error:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence

Workaround Perform the following steps to recover:
  1. Close the EventFlow Editor, if it is open.

  2. Open the EventFlow file in a text editor. For example, in StreamBase Studio, right-click the file and choose Open WithText Editor.

  3. In the source, find any multi-byte characters that might have been pasted from a multi-byte source (for example, formatted text that was copied from Microsoft Word into a description field in an EventFlow Editor Properties view).

  4. Remove the multi-byte characters or any other characters that might be causing trouble. Typically, the characters to remove appear as a square box. Replace them with characters that you type in manually.

  5. Confirm that the application opens in the EventFlow Editor (repeat step 2 to reassign the file to the EventFlow Editor).

SB‑7075 Changing perspectives can rearrange the Studio toolbar.
Description The position of toolbar sections can change when you go from perspective to perspective, especially when going from the Authoring to the Demo perspective and back.
Workaround Eclipse toolbars do not have fixed locations, so this is expected behavior.
SB‑6862 Not all databases have native blob support.
Description For example, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase do not have blob support. For these databases, you can write blobs into varbinary and possibly other types. But when blobs are read from a select statement, they are returned as strings, not blobs.
Workaround Add a Map operator and convert the string to a blob.
SB‑6346 Custom function C++ code typechecking is delayed until the application is generated.
Description Most portions of a StreamBase application are typechecked in real time as you add features to an EventFlow or StreamSQL application. However, starting with release 5.0, typechecking for a custom function written in C++ is delayed until the application is generated and run.
Workaround None. Be aware that typechecking errors may not be reported as usual when using custom C++ functions.
SB‑5882 Tuple dimensions do not reset counter when another dimension closes a window early.
Description A tuple-based dimension that closes due to other dimensions (for example, after another dimension times out) does not reset its counter. When this happens, the next window will close based on the total number of tuples received, resulting in a partially full dimension.
Workaround None.
SB‑5779 SBAPP-to-SSQL Conversion Assistant resets module parameters to default values.
Description If you run the SBAPP-to-SSQL Conversion Assistant on an EventFlow application that makes use of module parameter references, the resulting StreamSQL application does not have any module parameter references. They are replaced by their default values.
Workaround After the conversion, edit the StreamSQL file to add the non-default module parameter values.
SB‑5749 Feed Simulation Editor's data rate edit and save Issue on Linux.
Description In StreamBase Studio, the Feed Simulation Editor lets you set the rate in number of tuples per second at which data will be generated for a stream. On Linux only, if you use the keyboard to enter an integer in the Data Rate text box, the new value might not be saved.
Workaround After clicking into the text box and entering the value, press Enter or change the cursor's focus (for example, press Tab). Then press the Save icon or enter Ctrl+S. Note that if you press Ctrl+S while your cursor is within the Data Rate text box, the new value is not saved. You must press Ctrl+S again.
SB‑4931 SBAPP-to-SSQL Conversion Assistant does not support parallel operators.
Description If your EventFlow application file has individual operators that are marked for parallel operation, the SBAPP-to-SSQL Conversion Assistant cannot generate equivalent functionality in the generated StreamSQL application because there is no direct analogy for parallel operators in StreamSQL.
Workaround After the conversion, if appropriate for your application (no dependencies on data in other operations), you can use an APPLY PARALLEL MODULE statement or APPLY PARALLEL JDBC statement in the StreamSQL file. For details on the APPLY statement, see the StreamSQL Guide.
SB‑4559 Join timeout is not asynchronous.
Description Join timeout in the Join operator is not asynchronous. That is, the Join operator does not remove a tuple from its buffer until the timeout has passed and another tuple arrives on the same input stream. Tuples received on one input stream do not affect the buffer of the other input stream.
Workaround None.
SB‑4225 Some disk drive configurations can corrupt disk-based Query Tables if power fails.
Description Some caching disk drives do not guarantee the sequencing of disk writes, nor do they guarantee that all the writes to the drive have actually happened. This behavior improves disk performance, but at the risk of data corruption in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. StreamBase is vulnerable to this kind of data corruption if your StreamBase application uses disk-based Query Tables.
Workaround Disk drives with this behavior usually have a driver-level setting to turn this capability on or off. For example, the driver may present you with a check box labeled Enable write caching on the disk. Unchecking this box would prevent the problem from occurring.
SB‑3955 Finding sbd process failure details.
Description When StreamBase Studio runs an application, it launches the server process in the background. If the server process fails for any reason, Studio tries to report the reason to you. However, the actual message that Studio displays may not contain enough information,depending on the failure.
Workaround To get more information about the reason for the sbd process failure, open the Eclipse Error Log View, as described in Error Log View.
SB‑3585 Inconsistent support for undo in StreamBase Studio.
Description Many editing operations in Studio cannot be undone. This includes operations such as copying schemas, editing definitions, editing feed simulations, and so on.
Workaround The Revert command in the File menu can be used to undo all changes since the last time a file was saved.
SB‑2931 Relocatable RPMs install incorrect symbolic links in /usr.
Description The Linux RPM packages are relocatable. This means that the default installation location of /opt/tibco/sb-cep can be changed to a different location. However, if this is done, symbolic links are still installed in /usr/bin and /usr/lib that point to /opt/tibco/sb-cep.
Workaround Either edit the symbolic link by hand, or use the archive file installer instead of the RPMs to install StreamBase on Linux.
SB‑2507 Java Client library IOException when client program is suspended.
Description A program using the StreamBase Java Client library may receive an unexpected IOException if it is suspended (using either Ctrl+Z, or kill -SIGSTOP). The IOException is thrown when the program is resumed, or placed in the background. The exception may be thrown even if there is no network traffic at the time. This issue does not apply to Windows systems.
Workaround Do not suspend StreamBase clients written in Java.
SB‑1969 StreamBase Studio on Windows triggers Windows firewall when running Server.
Description Users of StreamBase Studio on Windows may find that the Windows Firewall, or a third-party firewall product, prompts for permission to continue when first starting StreamBase Server. The message may refer to javaw or to StreamBase Server by name. This is expected behavior of Windows firewalls. You must grant the requested permission in order to continue using StreamBase Server on this machine.
Workaround After granting permission once, you should not be prompted about this again.
SB‑1769 LockDirectoryException error encountered when starting StreamBase Server.
Description There may be a number of cases when you would encounter the LockDirectoryException error. If the message indicates File exists, either another instance of StreamBase Server is currently running or the prior instance of Server was improperly shut down.
Workaround If another StreamBase Server instance is running, change the server configuration file to point the datadir element to a different directory. If there is no other Server instance running, you must manually delete the directory named in the File exists message.
SB‑1289 IPv6 addresses not supported.
Description StreamBase Server can only connect to IPv4 addresses. If you try to connect using IPv6 addresses, the connection is refused.
Workaround None.
SB‑1164 Issues with certain older Linux kernel versions.
Description Linux kernel versions 2.6.8-10 have a known bug in their thread handling code. This bug can cause sbd to exit immediately after servicing its first client request. For more information, see
Workaround This bug was fixed in Linux kernel 2.6.11. This does not affect the Linux distributions currently supported by StreamBase. If you are running an older kernel in the 2.6.8-10 range, then set the environment variable STREAMBASE_IGNORE_SIGHUP=1 to work around this problem. Set the variable in the login environment in which StreamBase Server will run.
SB‑1039 C++ code is not binary compatible between releases.
Description If you use either the C++ Client library, plug-in functions, or plug-in aggregates, you must recompile them from source in order to use them in each new release. Without recompiling, StreamBase returns an error message at runtime.
bin/sbd: error while loading shared libraries ...
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Workaround Recompile your C++ code from your original source against the new headers.
SB‑804 init.d script uses a hard-coded port number.
Description UNIX only. If you change /opt/tibco/sb-cep/version/etc/sbd.sbconf to point to a port other than 10000, then the stop, restart, and status commands in the /etc/init.d/streambase script do not work as expected. Those commands assume that sbd is running on port 10000.
Workaround Edit the commands in the /etc/init.d/streambase script to use the -p option, to force sbd to run on the same port specified in the modified sbd.sbconf file.