StreamBase References

This Guide contains reference pages for various TIBCO StreamBase® programming features.


StreamBase Data Types
StreamBase Environment Variables
StreamBase Java Properties
StreamBase Expression Language Features
StreamBase Expression Language Functions
StreamBase Pattern Matching Language
StreamBase Server Configuration File XML Reference
StreamBase Deployment File XML Reference
StreamBase Command Reference
jsbadmin — starts the StreamBase Administration Client, Java implementation
jsbc — starts the StreamBase Client, Java implementation
jsbclientgen — Generates a simple Java dequeue client for the running StreamBase application
lv-client — A client for querying a LiveView Server from the system command prompt.
lv-server — Runs, compiles, and configures the LiveView server and generates interfaces for EventFlow applications.
sbadmin — starts the StreamBase Administration Client
sbargen — runs the StreamBase archive generator
sbbundle — Creates StreamBase application bundles.
sbc — starts the StreamBase client to send commands to a running server
sbcipher — enciphers text or generates cipher keys for use in StreamBase Server configuration files
sbconfutil — Shows as a single file the merged results of multiple configuration file fragments.
sb-config — a tool to set StreamBase working environment and to set client API development flags
sbd — the StreamBase event processing server
sbfeedsim — starts the StreamBase Feed Simulator.
sbfeedsim-old — starts the StreamBase feed simulator for legacy feed simulator files.
sbmanager — starts the StreamBase Manager
sbmonitor — starts the StreamBase Monitor utility
sbprofile — Runs the StreamBase profiler to produce formatted statistics about operators and queues in a running server.
sbproxy — starts the StreamBase Proxy server
sbrecord — Records data enqueued onto all Input Streams
sbstudio — starts StreamBase Studio
sbunit — runs a StreamBase JUnit test defined in a Java JUnit class
sburi — Describes the StreamBase URI format and its shortcut forms.
sbuseradmin — runs the StreamBase authentication system user management tool
StreamBase API Documentation