StreamBase Command Reference

This topic provides links to reference descriptions for all the TIBCO StreamBase® tools and commands run at the command prompt.

On Windows, run StreamBase utilities in a StreamBase Command Prompt, not a standard Windows command prompt.

On UNIX, run StreamBase tools in a shell terminal window. UNIX users can access the manual page for each command by entering man command-name at the shell prompt.


jsbadmin — starts the StreamBase Administration Client, Java implementation
jsbc — starts the StreamBase Client, Java implementation
jsbclientgen — Generates a simple Java dequeue client for the running StreamBase application
lv-client — A client for querying a LiveView Server from the system command prompt.
lv-server — Runs, compiles, and configures the LiveView server and generates interfaces for EventFlow applications.
sbadmin — starts the StreamBase Administration Client
sbargen — runs the StreamBase archive generator
sbbundle — Creates StreamBase application bundles.
sbc — starts the StreamBase client to send commands to a running server
sbcipher — enciphers text or generates cipher keys for use in StreamBase Server configuration files
sbconfutil — Shows as a single file the merged results of multiple configuration file fragments.
sb-config — a tool to set StreamBase working environment and to set client API development flags
sbd — the StreamBase event processing server
sbfeedsim — starts the StreamBase Feed Simulator.
sbfeedsim-old — starts the StreamBase feed simulator for legacy feed simulator files.
sbmanager — starts the StreamBase Manager
sbmonitor — starts the StreamBase Monitor utility
sbprofile — Runs the StreamBase profiler to produce formatted statistics about operators and queues in a running server.
sbproxy — starts the StreamBase Proxy server
sbrecord — Records data enqueued onto all Input Streams
sbstudio — starts StreamBase Studio
sbunit — runs a StreamBase JUnit test defined in a Java JUnit class
sburi — Describes the StreamBase URI format and its shortcut forms.
sbuseradmin — runs the StreamBase authentication system user management tool