StreamBase Server Configuration File Smart Merge Tool — Shows as a single file the merged results of multiple configuration file fragments.


sbconfutil [OPTIONS] [path-to-conf-file]


sbconfutil reads a top-level StreamBase Server configuration file specified as an argument in any position, or specified as the argument for the -f option, and returns the reconciled and merged result of any <xi:include> or <sb-include> fragments. This utility performs the exact same smart merge of configuration file fragments as StreamBase Server, but at the command prompt without needing to start all of the server. Use this utility to test and verify a complex configuration file composed of multiple fragments.

The tool reports its result to stdout by default, or to a file specified with the -o option. You can also use sbconfutil with its -j option to extract the complete JVM arguments portion of a configuration file, including <java-vm> portions specified in multiple fragment files.

See Using Modular Configuration Files in the Administration Guide for more on using the <xi:include> or <sb-include> elements.


-h, --help

Displays usage text, then exits.

-v, --version

Displays the current StreamBase release number, then exits.

-f path-to-conf-file

The path to the top-level server configuration file whose included fragments you want to resolve.

-o path-to-output-file

The path to an output file in which to save the resolved configuration.

-j, --jvmargs

Extracts JVM arguments specified in all fragments of a top-level server configuration file, returning the JVM arguments in a form that can be used as a set of arguments for a Java command or for another Java-based StreamBase command for testing.