Running Multiple StreamBase Applications

You can run one or more StreamBase Servers (sbd processes) on the same machine. Each sbd process must be configured to use a unique port number. The port number only needs to be unique per machine, so that it can be uniquely addressed with a URI such as sb://machineName:10090.

StreamBase Studio can run only one top-level application at a time, although it can also run multiple application modules hosted in containers. However, on the machine where you installed StreamBase, you can run any number of separate sbd processes from the command line on separate ports, each of which hosts a separate StreamBase application. There is no hard-coded limit on the number of sbd processes that can run at the same time on a given machine. The practical limit is constrained by the system resources available on that machine, including memory, address space, and number of processors.

The following diagram illustrates the use of multiple sbd processes in different combinations:

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