Running Applications from the Command Line

Starting Applications at the Command Prompt

Start StreamBase Server at the command prompt with a command like the following:

sbd [options] application-file

where application-file is the path to a StreamBase file in one of the following formats:

  • EventFlow application file (.sbapp)

  • StreamSQL application file (.ssql)

  • StreamBase deployment file (.sbdeploy)

  • Precompiled archive file (.sbar)

  • Application bundle file (.sbbundle)

See the sbd command reference topic for information on the sbd command options. In a UNIX terminal window, you can enter man sbd to view the reference page for sbd.

Use the sbadmin or sbc command to send requests and control commands to a running sbd process.

Stopping Applications at the Command Prompt

Stop a running sbd process, and the StreamBase application it is hosting, by entering the following command from a command prompt:

sbadmin shutdown

This command as shown stops a server running on localhost on port 10000.

The sbadmin shutdown command allows StreamBase server to gracefully exit any adapter processes and to close any container connections before halting the server.

You can use the -p or -u options to designate a StreamBase server running on a non-default port, or running on a remote server. For example:

sbadmin -p 9900 shutdown
sbadmin -u sb:// shutdown

See the sbadmin command reference topic for further details.

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