EventFlow Transform Applications

The four types of EventFlow applications that can be configured to work with existing LiveView data tables are described in EventFlow Applications for LiveView.

This page describes the transform type of EventFlow application by describing the Transform sample that ships with LiveView. We recommend that you use the LiveView configuration files in this sample as a starting point for developing your own transform applications.

Load and run the LiveView data transform sample using steps like the following:

  1. Start in StreamBase Studio, in the SB Authoring perspective.

  2. Load the LiveView Transform sample:

    1. Select FileLoad StreamBase Sample from Studio's top-level menu.

    2. In the Load StreamBase Projects dialog, open the TIBCO Live Datamart category.

    3. Make sure that the Open the selected sample's README file after importing check box is selected.

    4. Select the sample whose description is Configuring a data transform and press OK.

    The sample loads into Studio with the project name sample_lv-transform. The README file in the sample's top-level folder contains valuable information on the sample and how it works.

  3. In the Package Explorer view, select the name of the project, right-click, and from the context menu, select Run AsLiveView Project. The Console view shows several messages as the LiveView Server compiles the project and starts.

  4. When you see message All tables have been loaded in the Console view, start LiveView Desktop as described in Using LiveView Desktop.

  5. In the LiveView Desktop connection dialog, enter your username, server name or URL, and specify a name for the local workspace that you want to use for this project, such as transform.

    Click OK to connect to the specified LiveView Server.

    When connected LiveView Desktop opens on a basic workspace with no open views.

  6. Open views on project tables by double-clicking the table names in the Tables pane.