Interface TupleMaker<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - The object type from which this factory can build tuples
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractTupleMaker, CSVTupleMaker, JSONSingleQuotesTupleMaker, JSONTupleMaker, ObjectArrayTupleMaker

    public interface TupleMaker<T>
    Interface for constructing tuples from data. A TupleMarker is a straight forward way of creating a tuple using a schema. The maker user the fields in the schema to create the Tuple. For instance, say you have a schema like the following:
         name : String
         address : String
         phone : string
    You could use the tuple maker like this:
        Tuple tuple = tupleMaker.createTuple(schema, "Joe Smith", "101 Main St", "508-555-1212");
    Examine the subclasses of TupleMaker in the see section for concrete implementations.
    See Also:
    JSONSingleQuotesTupleMaker, JSONTupleMaker, ObjectArrayTupleMaker, CSVTupleMaker