StreamBase Resolved Issues Archive

The following sections provide the history of new features, updates, and resolved issued in previous TIBCO StreamBase® 10 releases.

Issues Resolved in 10.3.0

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.3.0 of TIBCO StreamBase®.

Fixed in 10.3.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.3.0 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.3.0 and all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.4.
SB-44502 If a Query Table or Table Schema was based on a named schema, then the partitioning drop-down menu in the table editing toolbar might have been disabled. It is now enabled, thereby allowing you to specify a partition when appropriate.
SB-44475 In previous releases, the querytable administration target would only work for query tables in a top-level module. This was fixed and query tables in nested modules are now correctly handled.
SB-44457 Specifying one or more substitution name-value pair definitions in a fragment launch configuration (as opposed to a naming a file of substitution name-value pairs), would not actually use those definitions during the launch. This was fixed.
SB-44202 In previous releases, having an EventFlow fragment that contained a Query Table with no data distribution policy prevented the running a JUnit test. Now unit tests do run in these circumstances, with an INFO message issued. Tuples are added to the Query Table, but the data is not partitioned.
SB-44168 An issue prevented the OSI PI adapter from loading the .NET OSI PI DLL. This was fixed for the entire OSI PI adapter suite.
SB-43899, SB-29388 When logging off the StreamBase HP FIX engine, the FIX adapter was put into a state that prevented the logon command from working when attempting to log on again. This was fixed.
SB-43848 An issue prevented the Kafka Producer adapter from closing on error, regardless of the option for doing being set. This was fixed.
SB-43797 The Kafka Consumer and Producer adapters were fixed to address an issue that prevented suspend and resume behavior from working correctly.
SB-43648, SB-43458 Artifact deployment could fail when the PMML model operator pulled in artifacts from an Artifact Management Server (AMS) via the Artifact Distribution Service (ADS) — and when the default container was explicitly set for deployment in AMS. Now, the default container name is no longer required for deployments.
SB-43783 This release fixes an issue that prevented new models from completely replacing existing ones, when loaded from the JPMML Model Evaluator Operator's control port.
SB-43621 There was a problem where duplicate entries could mistakenly appear in the fragments drop-down list in the Manual Input view's Output Streams and Input Streams views. This problem could occur immediately after the launch dialog for an EventFlow fragment launch disappeared, when running a second EventFlow fragment launch. This was fixed.
SB-43566 The Operator.evaluate Java API would previously return a value of zero for data types int, long, double and Boolean if their values were in fact null. This was fixed so that null is returned in these cases.
SB-43479 An issue caused the JPMML Model Evaluator operator to issue NaN errors when running PMML models containing special characters and spaces in the data field names. The operator now unwraps any field name that uses escaped identifier syntax before trying to compare to any field names in the actual models. This ensures the field names will now match. The unwrapped name now also appears in the log for easier reference.
SB-43464 This release fixes an issue that prevented EventFlow applications from launching if an undefined data distribution policy was defined for a query table in a unit test case. A warning is now generated. Tuples are still added to the query table in shared memory, but data is not partitioned.
SB-43413 All field types were updated on the TERR operator to check for a data index range. Now, a null value is returned when trying to access an index beyond what is in the TERR object.
SB-43293 This release fixes an issue in Studio's module drag and drop capability that prevented file names from converting to fully qualified names, when dropped into nested projects.
SB-43161 Previously, MQTT Input adapters using the same shared connection would output messages for all topics — whether they subscribed to the topics or not. Now, each adapter outputs messages only for the topics to which they are subscribed.
SB-43111 Previously, Studio would return a ResourceNotFoundException typecheck error if an EventFlow module containing a Decision Table application called for another module's Decision Table file. This was fixed.
SB-43032 This release fixed a URI parameter encoding issue in the Web Reader Input adapter.
SB-42764 The WITS adapter typecheck could fail if the stringNullValue adapter configuration option was missing. Now, the adapter no longer emits an NPE error if the WITS adapter configuration is missing that option.
SB-42746 The Web Reader adapter's status port schema was only set during typecheck and thus was required to be set at initialization, with the runtime version of the schema. As a result, the adapter was not passing capture fields to the error output port. The Web Reader adapter's status port now works correctly with capture fields.
SB-42394 In previous releases, a collision between virtual network interfaces and the StreamBase Runtime caused (a) extremely slow node installation times on Windows and/or (b) when more than one fragment was run at the same time, nodes would self-destruct, leaving no evidence in log files. Virtual network interfaces are installed as a part of virtualization hypervisor software such as Oracle VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V, or VMware Workstation. This collision occurred only on Windows, and was triggered by installing Docker for Windows, which requires and enables Hyper-V.

The cause of the collision was identified and corrected, and no longer occurs with StreamBase releases 10.3.0 and later. See Programs with Incompatibilities for workarounds if you are running an earlier StreamBase 10 release.

SB-42250 Model artifacts deployed from the Artifact Management Server to a StreamBase cluster via the Artifact Distribution Service (ADS) would occasionally fail to deploy on all nodes. The underlying deadlock was fixed to address this issue.
SB-41775 In cases when the Kafka driver detected a TCP/IP connection drop, the Kafka Consumer adapter would emit an inaccurate warning message describing the cause. The Kafka Consumer now correctly reports the failure error when the adapter exceeds the maximum number of retries.

Issues Resolved in 10.2.1

Fixed in 10.2.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.2.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.2.0, and all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.2.
SB-42876, SB-42867 An issue caused the Bidirectional Socket adapters to incorrectly set the byte order encoding. This was fixed in all Bidirectional Socket adapters.
SB-42875 The epadmin enqueue command would not roll back transactions in some situations when an error occurred. For example, data in a Query Table could be committed instead of rolled back. This was resolved.
SB-42839 In previous 10.x releases, in the Query operator's Initial Contents tab, the Load initial rows from a resource file control failed to consider files in the project's src/main/resources directory. This was corrected.
SB-42830 In previous 10.x releases, the epadmin enqueue stream command was not transaction deadlock-safe when reading from standard input. This would cause the command to hang if a deadlock occurred enqueuing a tuple. This was fixed. Any deadlocks are now correctly rolled back when reading from standard input.
SB-42828 The Kafka sample could fail to run due to temporary files being created that could not be properly accessed. This was fixed.
SB-42790 When using the Cluster Monitor on clusters where no StreamBase JVMs (EventFlow or LiveView) are discovered, the LiveView Web cards, EventFlow/LiveView Amount of Heap Memory In Use and EventFlow/LiveView Total Current Queue Depth could show an error because the corresponding tables were not created yet. The tables required to display these cards are now created in advance to prevent this error possibility.
SB-42750 The StreamBase Studio tooltip for the primaryMemberPattern object in the node.conf configuration file type was updated to reflect its correct default value, .* (all nodes matched by default).
SB-42732 Release 10.2.1 fixes a problem that could occur when importing a StreamBase schema from an XSD definition. When importing lists of referenced types, the importer was incorrectly using the name of the list, rather than the type of the list elements.
SB-42704 In release 10.2.0, fragment launches in Studio were configured to use only environment variables explicitly specified in the Environment tab of the launch's Run Configuration. Starting with release 10.2.1, Studio's default was reversed to match the behavior of the epadmin command, which is to inherit the system environment at node install time. See Editing EventFlow Run Configurations for further details.
SB-42658 In certain circumstances, configuring an availability zone in a configuration file using the loadOnNodesPattern property would fail to add partitions. This issue was resolved; if the local node matches loadOnNodesPattern, then the partition is added to the local node even if it is not the active or backup node.

For more information about availability zones, see Runtime Node Configuration and High Availability in Depth.

SB-42648 In previous 10.x releases, running an epadmin command against a node that was not currently running incorrectly returned success. This condition was corrected to allow epadmin commands to report an error when run against a node that is expected to be running but is not. This change does not affect commands that are designed to work against an inactive node, such as epadmin node target.
SB-42625 The resume container epadmin command previously reported failed commands as being successful. This was fixed and the command now correctly returns both an error message a non-zero return code.
SB-42515 Release 10.2.1 now correctly displays system container information when running the epadmin display container command.
SB-42411 Release 10.2.1 fixes an issue in which two audit logs were created: an empty file in the node directory's logs subdirectory, and the real audit file in logs/audit.log.
SB-42397 The Create a snapshot button in the toolbar of the Clusters view now opens its selection dialog in the .nodes folder of the current Studio workspace. This corrects an issue where (a) Windows users had to know the full system path to their Studio workspace folder to get to the .nodes directory, and (b) StreamBase now displays the previously invisible .nodes folder on the Mac.

Issues Resolved in 10.2.0

Fixed in 10.2.0
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.2.0 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.1.1, and all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.1.
SB-42604 The StreamBase server process was incorrectly allowing timestamp-related functions in expressions that required pure functions. This was corrected.
SB-42338 If a node deploy configuration is loaded during fragment deployment, it was not deactivated and removed when the fragment was terminated. This was fixed.
SB-41670 In previous releases, a decision table using BusinessEvents style expressions required a leading zero for fractional values of type double. For example, MyField > 0.02 was required, and > .02 would produce an error. This restriction was lifted.
SB-41589 The XML2tuple and tuple2XML operators can now use XSLT to transform the XML into forms more acceptable.
SB-41352 A Java memory leak could occur in internal StreamBase Runtime-generated code for native methods that returned arrays. This was fixed.
SB-41047, SB-30970 EventFlow fragment launch history is now remembered in fragment launch menu items.
SB-32231 Intermittent compilation failures could occur when deploying EventFlow fragments. The cause was identified and corrected.
SB-31471 Commented out substitution variables in configurations specified in a node deploy configuration file would syntax errors. They are now correctly ignored.
SB-31461 Closing a window containing the StreamBase Command Prompt that was used to install a node would terminate the node. This was corrected.
SB-31282 The externalNativeLibraryPath parameter was ignored in StreamBase engine configuration files when a fragment was deployed. This was fixed.
SB-31233 Terminating a LiveView fragment before it completed initialization would cause the engine termination timer to expire, which in turn caused the node to be brought down with an error.
SB-31198 A launched LiveView fragment could fail to shut down within the shutdown timer following a duplicate port failure. This was corrected.
SB-31040 Properties primaryMemberPattern and backupMemberPattern are being ignored in node deploy configuration files. This was fixed.

Issues Resolved in 10.1.1

Fixed in 10.1.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.1.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.1.0, all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.0, and all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.7.
SB-30812 In previous releases, there was no means to specify a particular engine name when deploying EventFlow or LiveView fragments. Launch configuration dialogs now include an optional field for entering engine names.

Issues Resolved in 10.1.0

Fixed in 10.1.0
Number Resolution
StreamBase 10.1.0 incorporated all fixes resolved in the release 10.0 series through 10.0.1, and all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.7.
SB-30454 Release 10.1.0 fixes an issue in which Studio was not correctly resolving cross-project resource references.
SB-30444 An EventFlow typechecking error occurred when referring to adapters defined in a dependent project. This was resolved.

Issues Resolved in 10.0.1

Fixed in 10.0.1
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.0.1 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 7.6 series through 7.6.6.
SB-30293 When you create a new project, Studio generates a test file that references the name of the EventFlow fragment just created. In some cases, Studio did not use the fully qualified name of the fragment, but instead used only the basic name such as FTPGet.sbapp, instead of This was resolved.
SB-30284 In 10.0.0, if a Java fragment was run in debug mode on Windows, selecting the Terminate button could lead to a failure where the symptoms included the appearance of a Runtime Error dialog. This problem was fixed.
SB-30229 When connecting to a JDBC data source, the JDBCDataSource configuration file's userName and password parameters were ignored in some cases. This problem was resolved.
SB-30220 An error caused a newly created package folder to appear twice in the Project Explorer. This was fixed.

Issues Resolved in 10.0.0

Fixed in 10.0.0
Number Resolution
  The StreamBase 10.0.0 release represents a new launching point for TIBCO StreamBase.