abs function, Simple Functions: Math
acos function, abs()
addbson function, Simple Functions: BSON
advamceTimeTo function, advanceTimeBy
advanceTimeBy function, Simple Functions: System
aggregate context, defined, Aggregate Functions Overview
aggregate functions, Aggregate Functions Overview
aggregate functions, using calljava, Aggregate Functions: External Functions
aggregatelist function, Aggregate Functions: Aggregate to List
aggregatelistnonnull function, aggregate, aggregatelist()
alpha function, Aggregate Functions: Statistical Calculations
andall function, acos(), avgif()
API documentation, StreamBase API Documentation
append function, Simple Functions: Lists
appgen.allow-all-function-input, StreamBase Java Properties
appgen.error-schema-version, StreamBase Java Properties
appgen.tupleid, StreamBase Java Properties
arithmetic operators, in expressions, Qualifying Field Names
asin function, andall()
atan function, asin()
atan2 function, atan()
avg function, alpha()
avg function, simple version, append()
avg_list function, aggregate, aggregatelistnonnull()
avg_list function, simple version, avg()
avgif function, avg()


beta function, andall()
between-and operator in expressions, Modulus Operator
bitand function, atan2()
bitnot function, bitand()
bitor function, bitnot()
bitxor function, bitor()
Black Scholes Generalized, function, Simple Functions: Financial
black_scholes, function, Simple Functions: Financial
blob function, Simple Functions: Type Conversions
blob, data type, StreamBase Data Types
blob, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
bool function, blob()
bool, data type, blob Data Type
bool, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
bsontojson function, addbson()


C++ API documentation, StreamBase API Documentation
calljava function, aggregate, Aggregate Functions: External Functions
calljava function, simple, Simple Functions: External Functions
capture, data type, bool Data Type
case sensitivity, in expressions, Data Type Coercion and Conversion
casting, in expressions, Data Types
catchexception function, Simple Functions: Errors
cbrt function, bitxor()
ceil function, cbrt()
certificates, for sbd, Authentication Parameters
check-app-environment-variables-changed, StreamBase Java Properties
choose function, ceil()
client library documentation, StreamBase API Documentation
client.log-connection-status, StreamBase Java Properties
client.max-tuples-in-queue, StreamBase Java Properties
closeval function, Aggregate Functions: Windowing
coalesce function, Simple Functions: Utilities
coalesce_tuples function, coalesce()
codegen.compileinprocess, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.digest-type-names, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.error-for-null-as-primitive, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.generate-bytecodes, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.intermediate-stream-dequeue-regex, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.jarinprocess, StreamBase Java Properties
codegen.trace-tuples, StreamBase Java Properties
coercion, in functions, Casting
command line tools, Command Reference
command reference, Command Reference
command-line client, lv-client
comments, in expressions, White Space
compile function, coalesce_tuples()
compound expressions, Conditional Expressions
compound_interest function, black_scholes()
concat function, aggregate, avg_list(), sum_list()
concat function, simple version, avg_list()
concatenation, in expressions, Compound Conditional Expressions
conditional expressions, Null Literals
constant intervals, String Repetition
contains function and in operator, Between-And Operator
contains function, for lists, concat()
contains function,for strings, Simple Functions: Strings
conversion, in functions, Casting
conversion, of data types in expressions, Data Types
correlation_coefficient function, Simple Functions: Statistical Calculations, beta()
correlation_coefficientp function, correlation_coefficient()
cos function, choose()
cosh function, cos()
count function, correlation_coefficientp()
count_distinct function, count(), countlong()
count_distinct_elements function, contains()
count_list function, aggregate, concat()
count_list function, simple version, count_distinct_elements()
countif function, count_distinct()
countlong function, correlation_coefficientp()
covariance function, countif()
covariancep function, covariance()
custom functions, define in expression language, Function Assistance in StreamBase Studio
custom functions, define in Java, Custom Functions in the Expression Language


data type, blob, StreamBase Data Types
data type, bool, blob Data Type
data type, capture, bool Data Type
data type, double, capture Data Type
data type, function, double Data Type, Function Assistance in StreamBase Studio
data type, int, function Data Type
data type, list, int Data Type
data type, long, Viewing and Specifying List Data in CSV Format
data type, named schema, long Data Type
data type, string, Named Schema Data Type
data type, timestamp, string Data Type
data type, tuple, Specifying Time Zones
data types, StreamBase Data Types
data types, in expressions, Using Quotes in Expressions
date function, Timestamp Functions: Absolute Timestamps
days function, Timestamp Functions: Interval Timestamps
DotNET API documentation, StreamBase API Documentation
dotproduct function, simple version, count_list()
double function, bool()
double, data type, capture Data Type
double, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
Doxygen, StreamBase API Documentation


emptylist function, dotproduct()
endswith function, contains()
environment variables, StreamBase Environment Variables
epoch function, date()
error function, catchexception()
escaped identifiers, Identifier Naming Rules
eval function, compile()
Evaluate StreamBase Expression, Simple and Aggregate Functions
exotic identifiers, Identifier Naming Rules
exp function, cosh()
exp_moving_avg function, covariancep()
expm1 function, exp()
Expression Evaluator, Simple and Aggregate Functions
expression language, StreamBase Expression Language Functions
expression language, aggregate functions, Aggregate Functions Overview
expression language, and timestamps, String Repetition
expression language, custom functions, Function Assistance in StreamBase Studio
expression language, features of, StreamBase Expression Language Features
expression language, type conversion functions, Simple Functions: Type Conversions
expression, parameters in, Timestamp Expressions
expressions language, string functions, spearmans_rank()
expressions, arithmetic operators, Qualifying Field Names
expressions, between-and, Modulus Operator
expressions, case sensitivity, Data Type Coercion and Conversion
expressions, casting, Data Types
expressions, comments in, White Space
expressions, compound, Conditional Expressions
expressions, concatenation, Compound Conditional Expressions
expressions, conditional, Null Literals
expressions, data type coercion, Casting
expressions, data types, Using Quotes in Expressions
expressions, identifiers, Case Sensitivity
expressions, logical operators, Relational Operators
expressions, modulus, Arithmetic Operators
expressions, NaN functions, xorall()
expressions, null literals, Specifying Literals in Expressions
expressions, precedence order, Wildcards in EventFlow Expressions
expressions, qualifying field names, Reserved Words
expressions, quotes, Custom Functions in Java
expressions, relational operators, Unary Operators
expressions, reserved words, Escaped Identifier Syntax
expressions, simple vs aggregate functions, StreamBase Expression Language Features
expressions, string repetition, Concatenation in Expressions
expressions, unary operators, IN Operator
expressions, white space in, Operator Precedence
expressions, wildcards, Logical Operators


factorial function, expm1()
field names, qualifying, Reserved Words
filterlist function, emptylist()
filternull function, filterlist()
findbson function, bsontojson()
firstelement function, filternull()
firstn function, closeval()
firstnonnullval function, firstn()
firstval function, firstnonnullval()
floor function, factorial()
foldleft function, firstelement()
foldright function, foldleft()
format function, endswith()
format_time function, epoch()
from_gmtime function, format_time()
from_localtime function, from_gmtime()
from_unixtime function, from_localtime()
frombson function, findbson()
fromCodePoint function, eval()
function assistance, in Studio, Simple and Aggregate Functions
function, data type, double Data Type
functions, aggregate, Aggregate Functions Overview
functions, define in expression language, Function Assistance in StreamBase Studio
functions, define in Java, Custom Functions in the Expression Language
functions, simple vs aggregate, StreamBase Expression Language Features


gaussianrandom function, floor()
get_conf_param function, getCompilerProperty()
get_datatype_conf_param function, getCompilerProperty()
get_day_of_month function, get_day_of_week()
get_day_of_week function, get_hour()
get_day_of_year function, get_day_of_month()
get_hour function, get_minute()
get_millisecond function, Timestamp Functions: Timestamp Fields
get_minute function, get_second()
get_month function, get_day_of_year()
get_quarter function, get_month()
get_second function, get_millisecond()
get_year function, get_quarter()
getAllHostIPs function, Simple Functions: Runtime
getClientIP function, getAllHostIPs()
getCompilerProperty function, getClientIP()
getContainer function, get_conf_param()
getHostName function, getContainer()
getNodeName function, getHostName()
getOldestWindowID function, firstval()
getParallelRoot function, getNodeName()
getPath function, getParallelRoot()
getResourceAbsolutePath function, getPath()
getServerURI function, getResourceAbsolutePath()
getSetCompilerProperty function, getServerURI()
getTableSize function, getSetCompilerProperty()
getTargetTime function, advanceTimeTo
getWindowID function, getOldestWindowID()
goodman_kruskal_gamma function, correlation_coefficient()
goodman_kruskal_gamma function, aggregate version, exp_moving_avg()


has_intersection function, foldright()
hash function, fromCodePoint(), great_circle_distance(), jsonpath()
hours function, days()


ide.component-exchange-force-auth, StreamBase Java Properties
ide.debugger.remote-call-timeout-ms, StreamBase Java Properties
identifiers, escaped, Identifier Naming Rules
identifiers, exotic, Identifier Naming Rules
identifiers, naming rules, Case Sensitivity
in, infix operator, Between-And Operator
indexof function, for strings, format()
inet_aton function, Simple Functions: Internet
inet_ntoa function, inet_aton()
insertelement function, has_intersection(), indexof()
int function, double()
int, data type, function Data Type
int, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
intercept function, goodman_kruskal_gamma()
intersect function, insertelement()
interval function, hours()
intervals, with timestamps, String Repetition
isempty function, indexof()
isinterval function, interval()
isnan function, Simple Functions: NaN
isnull function, hash()
isOldestWindow function, getWindowID()


Java API documentation, StreamBase API Documentation
Java custom functions, Custom Functions in the Expression Language
Java properties, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property
sbd.max-tuples-in-dequeue-packet, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, appgen.allow-all-function-input, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, appgen.error-schema-version, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, appgen.tupleid, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, check-app-environment-variables-changed, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, client.log-connection-status, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, client.max-tuples-in-queue, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.codegen.javac-Xmx, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.compileinprocess, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.digest-type-names, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.error-for-null-as-primitive, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.generate-bytecodes, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.intermediate-stream-dequeue-regex, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.jarinprocess, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, codegen.trace-tuples, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, ide.component-exchange-force-auth, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, ide.debugger.remote-call-timeout-ms, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, jdbc.max-repeat-exceptions, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, log-adapter-async, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, low-latency, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, max-queue-size, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, max-stat-tuples-cache, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, operator.parameters.log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, queue-flush-interval, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, read-buf-size, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, reconnect-sleep, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, runtime.send-zero-stats, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, sbd-shrink-after-process, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, sbd.max-input-packet-size, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, streambase.decouple.operator.log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, streambase.feedsim.plugin-classpathl, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property,, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, streambase.write-buf-size, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, tcp-nodelay, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, tuple-connection-quiescent-limit, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, tuple-connection-timeout, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, uri, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, xmlrpc-timeout, StreamBase Java Properties
Javadoc, StreamBase API Documentation
jdbc.max-repeat-exceptions, StreamBase Java Properties
join function, intersect()
join function, aggregate, count_list()
joinbson function, frombson()
joinlist function, intersect()
joinlist function, aggregate, count_list()
jsbadmin command, jsbadmin
jsbc command, jsbc
jsontobson function, joinbson()


kendall_tau function, goodman_kruskal_gamma()
kendell_tau function, aggregate version, intercept()


lag function, isOldestWindow()
lastelement function, join(), joinlist()
lastindexof function, lastelement()
lastindexof function, for strings, isempty()
lastn function, lag()
lastnonnullval function, lastn()
lastval function, lastnonnullval()
lenbson function, jsontobson()
length function, lastindexof(), isnull()
length function, for strings, lastindexof()
list function, length(), int()
list, data type, int Data Type
list, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
listbson function, lenbson()
literals, in expressions, Comments
ln function, gaussianrandom()
log-adapter-async, StreamBase Java Properties
log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
log10 function, ln()
log1p function, log10()
logical operators, in expressions, Relational Operators
long function, list()
long, data type, Viewing and Specifying List Data in CSV Format
long, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
low-latency, StreamBase Java Properties
lower function, length()
lshift function, log1p()
ltrim function, lower()
lv-client, LiveView command-line client, lv-client
lv-server command, lv-server
lv-util command, lv-util


maplist function, list()
maplist_loose function, maplist()
max function, aggregate version, kendall_tau()
max function, simple version, lshift()
max-queue-size, StreamBase Java Properties
max-stat-tuples-cache, StreamBase Java Properties
maxdouble function, max()
maxelement function, maplist_loose()
maxint function, maxdouble()
maxlong function, maxint()
maxn function, max()
md5 function, length()
median function, aggregate version, maxn()
median function, simple version, maxelement()
mergelist function, median()
milliseconds function, isinterval()
min function, aggregate version, median()
min function, simple version, maxlong()
mindouble function, min()
minelement function, mergelist()
minint function, mindouble()
minlong function, minint()
minn function, min()
minutes function, milliseconds()
modulus in expressions, Arithmetic Operators


namebson function, listbson()
named schema constructor function, long()
named schema, data type, long Data Type
naming rules, Case Sensitivity
nan function, isnan()
nanotime function, getTargetTime
new_tuple function, md5()
new_tuple_subset function, new_tuple()
new_tuple_subset_loose function, new_tuple_subset()
notnan function, nan()
notnull function, new_tuple_subset_loose()
now function, from_unixtime()
nullif function, notnull()
nulllist function, minelement()
nulls, and logical operators, Specifying Literals in Expressions


OpenAPI specification, Open API Specifications for Web Services
admin, Administration Service
healthcheck, Health Check Service
metrics, Metrics Service
openval function, lastval()
operator.parameters.log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
orall function, minlong(), minn()


parameters, in expressions, Timestamp Expressions
parse_time function, now()
parsecsv function, nullif()
parsejson function, parsecsv()
parsejson_loose function, parsejson()
pattern operator, Syntax
pattern query, syntax, StreamBase Pattern Matching Language
pearson function, kendall_tau()
pearson function, aggregate, orall()
percentile function, aggregate version, pearson()
permute function, orall()
pow function, permute()
precedence order in expressions, Wildcards in EventFlow Expressions
prepend function, nulllist()
product function, prepend()
product function, aggregate version, percentile()
profiling, sbprofile
properties, Java, StreamBase Java Properties
properties, system, StreamBase Java Properties
putbson function, namebson()
Python API documentation, StreamBase API Documentation


queue-flush-interval, StreamBase Java Properties
quotes, in expressions, Custom Functions in Java


random function, pow()
random_tuple function, parsejson_loose()
randomstring function, ltrim()
range function, product()
rank function, aggregate, join(), joinlist()
read-buf-size, StreamBase Java Properties
reconnect-sleep, StreamBase Java Properties
regexmatch function, randomstring()
regexmatch_ignorecase function, regexmatch()
regexreplace function, regexmatch_ignorecase()
regexsplit function, range(), regexreplace()
regextuple function, regexsplit()
relational operators, in expressions, Unary Operators
removebson function, putbson()
replace function, regextuple()
replaceelement function, removeelement()
reserved words, field names, Escaped Identifier Syntax
reverse function, replaceelement()
round function, random()
rshift function, round()
rtirm function, replace()
runtime.send-zero-stats, StreamBase Java Properties


sb-config command, sb-config
sbadmin command, sbadmin
sbc command, sbc
sbcipher command, sbcipher
sbd command, sbd
sbd-shrink-after-process, StreamBase Java Properties
sbd.max-input-packet-size, StreamBase Java Properties
Java property, StreamBase Java Properties
sbfeedsim command, sbfeedsim
sbmanager command, sbmanager
sbprofile command, sbprofile
sbrecord command, sbrecord
sbs: protocol, Authentication Parameters
sbstudio command, sbstudio
sburi command, sburi
seconds function, minutes()
securerandom function, rshift()
set_day_of_month function, set_day_of_week()
set_day_of_week function, set_hour()
set_hour function, set_minute()
set_minute function, set_second()
set_month function, set_day_of_month()
set_second function, get_year()
set_year function, set_month()
sign function, securerandom()
simple vs aggregate functions, StreamBase Expression Language Features
sin function, sign()
sinh function, sin()
sleep function, nanotime()
slope function, product()
snapshot interval, sbprofile
sort function, shuffle()
sort shuffle, reverse()
spearmans_rank function, pearson()
spearmans_rank function, aggregate version, slope()
split function, sort(), rtrim()
splitbson function, removebson()
sqrt function, sinh()
ssl authentication, Authentication Parameters
startswith function, split()
stdev function, aggregate version, spearmans_rank()
stdevp function, stdev()
stdevp function, aggregate version, stdev()
streambase.* properties, StreamBase Java Properties
streambase.decouple.operator.log-level, StreamBase Java Properties
streambase.feedsim.plugin-classpathl, StreamBase Java Properties, StreamBase Java Properties
streambase.uri, StreamBase Java Properties
strftime function, parse_time()
string function, startswith(), Named Schema Constructor Function
string multiplication, in expressions, Concatenation in Expressions
string repetition, in expressions, Concatenation in Expressions
string, data type, Named Schema Data Type
string, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
stringbson function, splitbson()
strlen function, string()
strpinterval function, seconds()
strptime function, strftime()
strresize function, strlen()
strresizetrunc function, strresize()
Studio function assistance, Simple and Aggregate Functions
sublist function, stdevp()
substr function, strresizetrunc()
sum function, sublist()
sum function, aggregate version, stdevp()
sum_list function, aggregate, rank()
sum_list function, simple version, sum()
sumif function, sum()
system properties, StreamBase Java Properties
systemenv function, sleep()
systemproperty function, systemenv()


tan function, sqrt()
tanh function, tan()
tcp-nodelay, StreamBase Java Properties
template, pattern query, Syntax
throw function, error()
time function, strpinterval()
timestamp function, string()
timestamp, data type, string Data Type
timestamp, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
timestamps, in expressions, String Repetition
timezoneoffset function, time()
TMP environment variable, TMP
to_degrees function, tanh()
to_milliseconds function, set_year()
to_radians function, to_degrees()
to_seconds function, to_milliseconds()
tobson function, stringbson()
toCodePoint function, random_tuple()
tocodepoint function, toCodePoint()
tocsv function, toCSV()
today function, strptime()
today_utc function, today()
trim function, substr()
tuple function, timestamp()
tuple, data type, Specifying Time Zones
tuple, in expressions, Specifying Literals in Expressions
tuple-connection-quiescent-limit, StreamBase Java Properties
tuple-connection-timeout, StreamBase Java Properties
tuplebson function, tobson()
two-way ssl, Authentication Parameters
type conversion, in expressions, Data Types


unary operators, in expressions, IN Operator
unique function, simple version, sum_list()
unsignedrshift function, to_radians()
unzip function, unique()
upper function, trim()
uri, StreamBase Java Properties
utility expressions, Simple Functions: Utilities
uuid function, tojson()


variance function, unzip(), sumif()
variancep function, variance()
variancep function, aggregate version, variance()
version function, systemproperty()
volume-weighted average-price function, variancep()
vwap function, variancep()


weeks function, timezoneoffset()
white space, in expressions, Operator Precedence
wildcards, EventFlow, Logical Operators
withmax function, vwap()
withmin function, withmax()
write-buf-size, StreamBase Java Properties


xmlrpc-timeout, StreamBase Java Properties
xorall function, unsignedrshift()


zip function, variancep()