LVconf Type: Publisher Type


Use the LiveView Configuration File Editor to configure the Publisher lvconf file type. Use the LiveView Project Viewer's Publisher wizard to create this lvconf type, which specifies the fully qualified name of an EventFlow module in the current LiveView project that will publish data to one or more LiveView data tables. Using the wizard, you can optionally specify a data provider as described on LiveView Publisher Wizard.

Publisher Tab

Enter or choose the filename of the embedded publisher StreamBase application. This file is located using the project's module search path in the Maven project structure.

Select a target table. At least one must be selected.

Optionally enter a description for the publisher type.

Source Tab

The Source tab provides a text-based XML configuration file editor, which is a validating XML editor that is aware of the schema that defines the XML syntax of LiveView configuration files. See Text-Based XML Configuration File Editor for more information.